Tuesday, August 11, 2009


my name is timah....hehe..this is timah which i'm so addicted...actually timah was an online game which is pet society..i played it in the facebook..became addicted since one of my fwens ask me to play it..haha..at the first time the game was boring to me..maybe bcoz i don't really knew how to play it..then when time goes by...i knew how to play it..then now the result was i become the pet society addict er.

timah's living romm

timah got squid

i forgot what was the fish name

timah was fishing..she got frontosa fish..hehe

timah ske men buai...

timah's garden...

timah's bedroom...beshkn..

piano's room

my kitchen

timah was racing with sipei and she's won..hehe

..my 23...huhu

thanx to all my fwenz for da makan2...really appreciate it...
even we're busy but we still together...i hope this year would be better than last year..really luv u guys..

all da food dat we had for dat nite...

let's potong kek..hehe

Sunday, August 9, 2009

it's easy for you...

why i need to cry just bcoz that thing...
i hate when I'm weak..
owh please i need to go to the beach...
really needed...
then suddenly i started playing the song from Sheila on7...
Oh no..it's really hurting me...
i was fool couldn't let my self to go...
even i feel the end....

Sheila On 7 – Mudah Saja

Aku berjalan menyusuri malam
Setelah patah hatiku
Aku bedoa semoga saja
Ini terbaik untuknya

Dia bilang
Kau harus bisa seperti aku
Yang sudah biarlah sudah

Mudah saja bagimu
Mudah saja untukmu
Andai saja.. Cintamu seperti cintaku

Selang waktu berjalan kau kembali datang
Tanyakan keadaanku

Ku bilang
Kau tak berhak tanyakan hidupku
Membuatku semakin terluka

Mudah saja bagimu
Mudah saja untukmu
Coba saja lukamu seperti lukaku

Kau tak berhak tanyakan keadaanku
Kau tak berhak tanyakan keadaanku
Mudah saja bagimu
Mudah saja untukmu
Andai saja cintamu seperti cintaku

Mudah saja…

Friday, August 7, 2009

my new sayang...

he is so handsome..gorgeous...tough n colorful...his age already 1 month i think..since i bought him at Satok's market...but actually i dun know umo die yg sbnr..
1st time i saw him..there was sumthin' dat was attract me to take him home..hehe..like he was begging me...then i said to my fwen what if i really want to have him..they said why not..but i was worry about our felo didn't allow us to hv anything as a pet at college..but who cares..i really wanted it...then i just bought it..with Rm 3..now he's mine..chewahhhh...actually he is a fish..we called it "ikan laga"..that's why la die cantik...now let me shared some of his posed..hehe