Friday, April 30, 2010


Since yesterday my heart keep beating so fast..n last nite i cannot sleep..kept awake until early morning..then at 10.15a.m me and lea go to faculty..actually today i have an important mission to do..The mission is to see my calculus see what have i got for my exam paper two days ago..seriously i'm so worried about the result..Yesterday i have message my tutor's to know about our marking paper progress..then she asked me to meet my lecturer that's why today i go to meet him..on my way to the faculty i do not stop praying and hope that everything runs smoothly..after 15 minutes i already in Mr. Phang office,then he asked me to see our tutor..because he already gives the marks to heart kept beating so fast..then, miss Izzatul give the mark..Alhamdulillah..i passed the subject with the better grade which is i did not expect that i can make it..thank you so much to my lecturer Mr. Phang, our tutor Ms. Izzatul and for all my friends..especially LEAH...and lastly for my family...for all da support..Alhamdulillah..Thank GOD to give me all da hppiness today..but even i'm happy today, my heart still worried about other subject and ofcourse my FYP...huhu..i hope everythings gonna be ok...

Thursday, April 29, 2010's over..

It’s over..yesterday, I’ve finished my last paper  which is Calculus Subject..DamN!!it’s so hard..uwaaaaa..i’m so worried now..why the question it’s so hard..i thought I can get a better grade for the subject, but after did the paper I don’t think I can get it..i just wish that I can passed the paper..Please me..i don’t want to make my parents sad anymore..i want them to be proud of me..that’s all I can do to giving back my parents..
Now, it’s time to concentrate on my Final Year Project which is 3D CafĂ© System..Can I finished it in time..this 4 may till 7 may would be my fyp presentation..but the database of the system still cannot working properly..aarghhhh and one more thing i have to format my laptop too because my laptop get infected by the DAMN VIRUS!!,even it's just 5 days to go to my fyp presentation's crazy right??but that's the truth..why it's so many obstacles happen to me…Ya Allah please help me to through all this moments…I just need a strength and patience to handle this..Can i??is it I deserved to have all this peace..21 days to go for me for flying back to KL..i really cannot wait to see all the person I love when I came’s been 5 months we are not seeing each other..MAMA, ABAHI missed u so much

Monday, April 26, 2010

time's up..

huhh..(sigh)..finally i already finish for the system programming paper..even it's all done..but deep down in my heart still worried about the paper..can i passed the subject??OMG!!..i already try my best..all i can do now is just pray..n keep prayin' and hoping that everything gonna be ok..i really hope it..i know,there's nothing to regret..but still..i'm only human sometimes i make misstake..there was always the word "if" for me..if i can stop the time..if i can change the mark..if i can redo the test..and all the "if" thing...hurm..but i know,i can't do that..i have to move on..and try not to do the same misstake again..

Friday, April 23, 2010


Tried to take a picture
Of love
Didn't think I'd miss that moment
That much
I want to fill this new frame
But its empty

Tried to write a letter
In ink
Its been getting better
I think
I got a piece of paper
But its empty
Its empty

Maybe we're trying
Trying too hard
Maybe we're torn apart
Maybe the timing
Is beating our hearts
We're empty

And I've even wondered
If we
Should be getting under
These sheets
We could lie in this bed
But its empty
Its empty

There's a reason why they say that we should give it time
But time is not enough
And that's the reason why when you're young you fall in love

And that's the reason why
When you're young you fall in love


I feel so down..depressed..frustrated..and the most is GUILTY..Yesterday I got one of my subject carry mark..Damn!!what am I doing??why the mark is so low..OMG!!what should I it I still have the chance to pass it??Oh GoD, please I really needed it..My mom kept calling me after I told her about the mark..then I cried..maybe she’s so worried..i’m so sorry mama…even I let u down..but u still have to comfort me..huhu…I felt so Guilty..i know it’s all my fault.. anyway thanx for always be there for me..MAMA..but the another thing is..why there is sumone who always be there(actually far away) for me when I’m down..what this is all mean? why must that person??and why not the other one..Why that person was always tried to comfort me when I stressed, frustrated or whatever..The weird thing is, the person always know when I need sumone to listen to me and to cheer me up..Why??

Dear Heart:
Please be strong!!
i really2 need ur spirit..
please don't let me down..

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

..A Word..

I know it’s wrong to write some word in short form..Especially in Bahasa Melayu..But today I don’t expect that sumone could take it as a serious issue..haha..mayb it’s because the different of two generation..or maybe I can say the two different status.. For me as a student, it’s a normal thing to use words in short form..It’s because sometimes we want to cut off space of writing especially in sending an email or sms..hurm..the moral is dun just simply write short form to sumone who are did not in same generation with u..wakaka..if I know..But the truth is I’m so embarrassed to that person..Should I??

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


..thinkin' of wat happen the last few days..and b'coz of that..finally i realized that the world is too small..
..u couldn't expect what happen next..and when it happens,u suddenly said that is it true???
or i'm only dreaming??..'s all over right??..but why u still like that??..
..i dun have any feelin' ok..for's all about the past..
..u dun' have to turn ur back from me..i dun know wat happen..but please settle it down's for ur own goods too..
..please think about ur own family..(sigh)..wat ever in ur minds at that time,i can juz only pray and hope the best for u..please forget all da past..let it be a part of our memories...

Friday, April 2, 2010

finally,i knew it..

just now i found something..and that's why my heart keep asking me to open it..then i knew it...that's we call instinct..what ever it is I'm still least we do not to hide it..hurm..lalalala..what actually i'm talking about??'s ok..let it be..but finally i knew it...

it's happen again..

It’s happen again..what??i mean was I lost my voice again..not because of I had shout at the concert or’s start from flu and cough..and suddenly after I had a lunch wif my fwen Causeway Bay,Pending..Kuching.. my voice getting worse..arghhhhhhhhhh..giv me back my voice pls..huhu..i thought I got tonsil again..haha..actually “aku da biase cmni”..even my mom’s already give a bundle of medicine or whatever vitamins to prevent the tonsil. .but I’m still ignored it..i’m sorry mama..but it doesn’t mean I just throw all da stuff,I still have's just i don't take it regularly..ngee..hopefully i would recover as soon as possible..
By the way yesterday, i'm so enjoyed with the lunch..thanx lea for a great foods...

Grilled Chicken Chop Hot Plate

wif black pepper sauce

Grilled Chicken Chop Hot Plate Set
+ mushroom soup
+ Ice Lemon Tea

Price: RM12.80
Taste: Awesome!!