Friday, September 24, 2010

.A super Weekend..

Last weekend,after caming back from my hometown, my cousins and i were went to Mid Valley for a movie...Awesome!!We watched Step Up 3..oMG!!the movie was Super!!Really like it..and guess what i wished i could watch it again but this time in 3D...Really likes the colorful effects and the great dances..Phewwww..

Additional Comments: for me this film was ten times better than the 1st and 2nd one. If you like Dance movies you need to see this one!! And if you either dont like dance movies or dont care about it, it's your lose. But i didnt miss out...

rating : 5 star

Step Up 3D is a 2010 American 3D dance film written by Amy Andelson and Emily Meyer and directed by Step Up 2 the Street's Jon Chu. The sequel sees the return of Adam Sevani and Alyson Stoner, who portrayed Moose from Step Up 2 the Streets and Camille Gage from Step Up, respectively.
As the third installment in the Step Up trilogy, and the first shot in 3D, the film follows Moose and Camille Gage as they head to New York University, the former of whom is majoring in electrical engineering after promising his mother that he would not dance anymore. However, he soon stumbles upon a dance battle, meeting Luke and his House of Pirates dance crew and later teaming up with them to compete in the World Jam dance contest against their rivals, the House of Samurai dance crew.
Step Up 3D premiered in Hollywood at the El Capitan Theater on August 2, 2010 and was subsequently released worldwide on August 6, 2010, through conventional 2D and 3D (in RealD 3D, Dolby 3D, and XpanD 3D) formats. It was also the second movie to feature the 7.1 surround sound audio format, the first of which was Toy Story 3. The film grossed $15.8 million in its opening weekend, the lowest of the trilogy, and has received mixed to positive reviews, with some praising its dance sequences and effective use of 3D, while others criticizing the repetitive story.

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And that nite around 2 a.m i was followed my friends jamming at Taman Melawati,KL..What a tiring day...Then on the saturday noon, i was followed my cousin and her friends to Kajang ang Wangsa Maju for "open House"..
Sunday's activity
Join my friends family wedding at Pusrawi.KL.

..What were we talking about actually?..
..some of new firends..there all were so "crazy"..but nice to know them..

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Special Entry-Raya Edition

fuhh..being busy since 1 syawal...Sorry for the late updated of Eid Celebration...Where should i start actually..Hurm let's see..on the last day of Ramadhan my family and i were busy preparing foods for the 1 syawal..My mom's was busy with her "rendang and ketupat" auntie's and me were busy preparing "soto" for the main menu at 1st of Syawal..So tired but at the same time i was so happy to be with my family for preparing "Hari Raya Puasa"..

1st of Syawal..
Wake up early in the morning, then prepared for "solat sunat Aidilfitri"..As usually we were prayed at the mosque of our hometown..Then after solat we were forgiving between each other..What a peaceful moments..Then after that my family were went to my grandmother's house..

..Some of my family from my father's side.. dearest family..but my brother's family was not in the picture..huhu wif "baju kurung modern..

2nd of Syawal..

Early in the morning, my family and i were visiting our grandfather's grave..Then after that we were went  to some relatives house.. was eating the "ketupat serunding"..there were others traditional food like "tapai"..

Then around 10.30 a.m. i went to my friend's house for primary school gathering..Actually this event were held every Eid's was because usually at that time others friend were home..So, it's easy for us to meet again..
..makan time..,uda,oliey,ros n yati..

..gurls only..

..Fwenz for eva..

..even we are now in different paths but we still a good friends..

..our happy face..

..Some of students 6 Fatimah 1998 batch..

..we were besties for eva..

 ..last but not least..

3rd of Syawal

Fuhh still in the RAya i will goin' to my friends wedding..and before that ofcourse i will goin' to my bff house first which is Ms. Mawar MAizza..So happy got to meet her again..then we have some pictures snap by her..

 ..cayunk, your tart was so "sedap"..

 ..she was my besties..


At normah's wedding..
..congratz dear..

..3 of us..
..we were 5 science colleague..

p/s:thanx to Ms. Mawar Maizza for the picture..

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

..PTM ,UM was on FIRE!!..

Suddenly at 9.15 a.m..the electricity in the office were cut off...then the computer were blinkin'..then a few minutes later the system are down..cannot access to the internet...Then i heard sumone said the server room had been fired...WHAT???then after a few second ..BOOMMMMM..sound like an exploded happened..So scary..then some of the staff PTM,UM yelling server room had been exploded!!..OmG!..i just take my beg n run to the downstairs..and i saw there were other;s staffs who already gathered..It was so real..i never thought something like that happened to me..

..we have to wait outside the office..

gathered at emergency place
..wat is goin' on actually??..

The fireman is comin'..

..the fireman go to the server room..

this is the things which are exploded..

Actually today was my last day before went back to my hometown..then i take this chances to escaped..wakaka..because of the server is down then for sure we don't have to clock out..then no one knows that i already at home at 1 p.m..bye...........

owh i can't wait anymore..

Yeay finally today is tuesday..meaning that my last day being at the office..Hurm actually last day before i going back to my hometown..ngee not my last day for industrial training..So automatically today i have 100% mood for not doin' my job..hahaha..owh please skipped the time till i reached at my hometown...Maybe  tomorrow on 3 a.m. my brother's family and i are departing from KL to Terengganu...Owh for sure the road was damn Jamm..Especially at the Karak highway..OMG..hopefully we can safely arrive at our hometown..mama, abah please wait for me.. carefully..

Last nite..
She had a dream about sumone from the past..Why she kept dream about the same memories..why?is it it was a sign..or maybe she just worried about something so much then after that it kept comin' in her dreaming..Hopefully it's just a dream..She pray and wish nothin' bad gonna be happen..

Everything was perfect
nothing could go wrong
now I'm stuck somewhere
i feel i don't belong


Muhammad Hadif

A new becomer in my family..Which is my new nephew...hoorreyy..On 2nd September 2010, 7.35 p.m. my sister in law was delivered her new baby boy at HUKM Cheras,KL.His weight was 3.17 handsome..ngeee...So my mr. Harith already be "abang"..Congratulation to my brother and sister in law for their second children..

..Muhammad Hadif Bin Mohd Shahrul Azrin

weight : 3.17 kg

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Felda Trolak Sungkai, perak..cont

Yes i'm comin' to continue the felda trolak entry..hehe..sorry for the late updated of the activities..Just got the whole pictures from my cousin...Let's move on to my story...On the 24th of July, me was went for a trip at Felda Trolak Sungkai, Perak..hehe..Actually it was sponsored by my cousin..Ms. Aziemah who work at the Felda Travel Agency...I have some pictures for you when i was on that trip..LEt's enjoy it..

p/s:please click on the image for the larger picture

Wake up at the early morning' and be prepared to go to Felda travel Agency Jln Gurney..Since we have to gathered at 7a.m...So the nite before i just stayed at my cousin's house at Dato' Keramat,KL..Then around we started our journey..So after 2 hours, we stop at small town  in Sungkai to have some breakfast..Then continue our journey to Felda Trolak..

 Then around 11 a.m we already at Felda Trolak..After that someone from the Felda Trolak Staff had give some briefing of the activities for our program today..

This was our first activity for that day..rope course..Both the rope course and obstacle course circuits are located within the resort premise. The rope course circuit, consisting both low and high rope elements is situated adjacent to the campsite inside the resort's jungle zone. The 10 elements of the low rope course include Swinging Plank, Bailey Bridge, Monkey Crawl, Swinging Tyres, Zigzag Traverse and Spider Web etc. And the 5 elements for high rope include Burma Bridge, Multi Rope Traverse, Single Rope Traverse, Abseiling & Repelling and Flying Fox.
 Before start the rope activity the instructor was given some briefing on how to do it, and about the safety too.
Seriously, i really enjoyed it..Even it's a little bit scary actually..hehe But as long as i could try the adventerous activity..Since i was the one who are not chosen to go to PLKN..wakakaka

Next Activity..

 Time to fly..hehe..this was the one activity which make me so "gayat"..because of high..but finally i could make it...Yeay!!..if i could i want to this again...

Next please... 

 ATV program

What is ATV??

An all-terrain vehicle (ATV), also known as a quad, quad bike, three wheeler, or four wheeler, is defined by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) as a vehicle that travels on low pressure tires, with a seat that is straddled by the operator, along with handlebars for steering control. As the name implies, it is designed to handle a wider variety of terrain than most other vehicles. Although it is a street-legal vehicle in some countries, it is not street legal within most states and provinces of Australia, the United States, Canada, or the United Kingdom. In the UK, a recent variant class of ATV is now road-legal, but there are few models available in this class.

By the current ANSI definition, ATVs are intended for use by a single operator, although some companies have developed ATVs intended for use by the operator and one passenger. These ATVs are referred to in this notice as tandem ATVs.[1]

The rider sits on and operates these vehicles like a motorcycle, but the extra wheels give more stability at slower speeds. Although typically equipped with three or four wheels, six-wheel models exist for specialized applications. Engine sizes of ATVs currently for sale in the United States, (as of 2008 products), range from 49 to 1,000 cc (3 to 61 cu in).

Retrieve from

Below was me who enjoyed this activity..Really had a great time with ATV..

..Listen for the briefing on how to ride the ATV..

So let me try first...
Waiting for my turn..

Start riding at the Dirt Track Felda Residense Hot Spring (Sungkai, Perak )with full of confidence...

After a few minutes....tadaaaaaaa it me??i thought you all can guest what's next happen to me...lalalalalalala...But again i really2 like the activity Damn Much...hahaha..even it's so adventure..So, that's the difference rite?..

Last but not least time to tour the Felda Trolak and enjoyed the place...

*Some additional information: to ride the ATV was RM35++ per person, for every 3 lap on the Dirt Track

Fuhh..really had a great time at Felda aroud 6.30 p.m we went back to KL...tadaaaaaaaa

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Take It or Leave It

stop hurting each others,
i hate you,
I'm me and will always be myself.
I don't try to act like some one else,
I don't try to dress like some one else,
I don't try to walk and talk like some one else.
I'm me,if you don't like it then just leave me alone.
I don't care about what others think of me.
I'm happy just being me..
Let us know this for leavetaking,
That I may not be heavy upon you,
That you may blind me no more...

Dear Heart:
"Let go of the past and go for the future. Live your life peacefully and don't bother with others".