Thursday, January 14, 2010

..ting ting ting Celebration..

Celebrating for what??Only 3 of us know what we celebrated for..haha..Celebrated the thing that we hadn’t expected happened...Shirley??depends??Infinity?? wakaka..He said : Congratulation again!!out of the blue..Leah and me juz look to each other..What???perlukah??Neway thanks to Mr. Syahrul for the compliments …hurm after the VIP class we called En.Usop to rent a car..As usual planning to rent the car for 5hours will be dragging to half day..And the result would be 4pm-4am..What??hehe cam xbiase..But tomorrow I had class at 8 a.m can I make it???mstla bley..Let’s see some of our snap shoot for that day..Actually that day can called the food marathon day too..kah kah…what long as we had a great moment together..

Lunch:Cheese Rice Bake

OMG!!So yummy..

.:our drink=Jasmine tea..the shaape of da glass so unique..

then we continue our food marathon to secret recipy

..Serving time..


..i got my cappucino cheese cake...

..our dessert for dat nite..

..From da window..

..stop for a while at Mcd..actually wat time is it??haha

Actually there was one another place that we went for the marathon food which is Ayam Penyet..but i dun have the picture..dun worry,actually i have the old picture at ayam it ok??bleyla...wakaka..let's layan the picture...

..the picture was taken by Lea..

Saturday, January 9, 2010

..silent.. heart..
dun know how to settle it down..should i??

Nobody hears
Nobody sees
Nobody can feel
A silent past
A silent tear
A silent heart broken
Still nobody hears
A silent cry
A silent mind
This question
I ask
in silence


Thursday, January 7, 2010 5..

day 5 in Unimas..
hurm..still boring...still insomnia..waaaaa..wat happen to me?giv my night back to me...10am go to VIP class..hehe actually Visual Image Processing Class by Mr.Syahrul..He was one of the cool lecturer of Multimedia course..haha..instead we still can have photography session before we end our class today..we were very enjoyed with this subject..this is because we can play around..haha...Bdk Multimedia mmg cmni...relax je..even other student were busy right now...hurm..what to do...we have our own style right??..11a.m HCI class..hurm a little bit boring..but ok la...then after i finished the class,there were raining outside...waaaaa so i have to go back to hostel by bus meaning that no tapau for berangan nk mkn ayam's i just had lunch ns with telur dadar..sedap gak...haha...that's all for now...

airport's drama..

leave on 2.15pm from my brother's home at cheras to LCCT airport....2.30pm having lunch at my brother's home area..then around 3 oclock we continue our journey to LCCT..about 15 minutes like that,suddenly the rain is heavy..xnmpak jln da nk heart felt so worried..but dun want to bother anyone i'm juz quite..but i know that sumthing gonna b happen..then it's already 3.30Pm but we still on the road..What???..3.45++ heee buley ke cmtu??we arrived at LCCT..then i put all my things on the troli..only my sister in law was accompany me to the check in counter..the rest still find the parking..huhu..cuak beb time tu..3.50pm..standing in front of boarding departure time..and at the same time the word open change to close for flight AK5212 counter..WTF!!!!...Shit!!!Damn it!!What should i do...dlm kpale ni da tbyg New ticket!!!n one thing i've already imagined bguni2 bebelan dr mama..Tidakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.....Then i've quickly call my cousin mrangkap pA ak tok bli tket Flight...Kak Mah..then she said juz ask to the next counter and asking them for helping me..lari sana,lari sni..then i reached the last counter or maybe it's for emergency case counter..can i named it like that??what kn cte aku so it's up to me la..wakaka..the Mr.Counter said..he cannot do anything bcoz i'm too late..huhu..but i kept begging first he said that i can fly but no luggage are allowed..what???sume bj ak dlm tu la sengal..hurm..but aku nekad..if anything pun i have to fly and juz leave the long as my ticket not burned juz like that..RM 240 tu ke..len la ak ank tauke balak...then i still begging him for take along my luggage..i think dia pun da serabut ngn rayuan manja aku tu..hahaha..then he juz giv me the permission to bring along the luggage and asked me to timbang the luggage tu cpt2..i thought after timbang tu all the problems are settle la...but it's not juz like luggage was overweight..hurm aku da agak da..20kg tu..then my sister helped me to rearranged all the things inside the luggage...haha milo 2kg tu pas kuakn trus ngam2 16kg beg aku..but i have to dera my blkg ngn pikul laptop n 2kg milo...Alhamdulillah i'll already in Kuching at 6.15pm..thanks to all who were helping me secara langsung or xlangsung..wakaka...but it's was so drama..wakaka..i thought i cannot forgot this drama smpai beble2 pun...thanks to all extra actors too..haha..

The End..

..epy new year..

time goes by juz like dat without waiting for anything..
but me still like dis...huhu..please grow up girl!!
nu year in KL..wif my aunt's family,my brother,nephew..and him..
can i stop the time b4 i came back to Unimas..uwaaaaaaaaaaaa
Thanx to all for always being by my side..Luv u alll...

..The pictures below were taken at Taman Tasik Permaisuri,Cheras...

..wif my lovely nephew..mR. Harith...

..mish u so much..