Friday, October 29, 2010

-far away-

why life it's so hard?
why do we people make it so complicated?
why not we just have a simple life and be happy?..
life is so short..we just live here for temporary not for ever..
"dunia hanya semntara yg kekal di akhirat sana..
"why don't people just understand that sometimes certain people just want have a simple life but still happy...
Why do we never appreciate what we have?
why isin't possible to fully appreciate someone or something while it's still here..

Wednesday, October 27, 2010 HEART iS bLeeDinG..

Dear Heart:Please be strong!!!!!..please...
it's easy to forgive but it's hard to forget..why do people always cheating on the person who they loved..why??? even they said that they did because don't want to broke ur heart..but did they realized that they had hurting them by doing that..besides it's even hard to accept....They just find the reasons to cover up the could they do that!!!Don't you know that been cheating by someone you loved it's so HURT!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

i'm SICK

..nothing much to say,just that rite now  i'm so sick..Sick of being ME!!..GOD please help me...i really need the strength to survive.....

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Please don't ask me why..

First of all i'm so sorry coz i have to leave you..i have to let it go...Dear i love you so much..But i can't accept the fact that u have lied to's hurts me a lot...i want to have you but at the same time i don't want to be fool..i want to be the old me..i want to be free..and just do what i want to do..i don't want to bother with what others people saying..i just want to be me...i want to be happy...and i want you to be free too..
Day ?? it i'm strong enough to through all this are you?..please take care of yourself...even i do hurt because of you..but i don't want you to be sick..i promised to myself to be strong...Everything around were reminds me of you...oh God!..why it's so hard for leave everything just like's so hard to forget and forgive...But i guess i can  pretended that i already forgot it..Sometimes it's good to be hypocrites rather than hurting urself by thinking about him..

This song really makes me sad....but i have to through all this by myself...

Dear Heart:i know u really loves him..but let's the times heals you..

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Last nite i was goin to i-City in Shah Alam, Selangor wif my cousin and his was so beautiful place and i had a great moments last nite..Around 9 pm we we went to s.Alam..Then around 1 a.m. we were back home..but before that we decide to have a drink at Q-Bistro..Then the result i was home around 2.30 a.m..whattt????????????haha...but thanks to them for always make me happy...I have some pictures at the i-City lets enjoy it..

had a great time wif them..thanx guys



wif mr peydi





wif little bro


p/s:just ignored the quality of the pictures..huhu :(

Friday, October 15, 2010

She's episode

cont from the last episode (it's happen to anybody called "she")....
it had been a few days she had been thinkin' about her dilemma..And she also felt so lonely..dun know why..maybe her bf was being so busy and don't have enough time to entertain her..but she cannot mad at her bf because all his done was for their own goods..He have to do a part time job to his future saving..He wants all the best to his gf..But as a woman, for sure she wants her bf spent more time with her too..But what to do..she just kept quite and leave the rest in her heart..She had been thinkin' for going back to her hometown and build a new life..Because she don't want to bother her bf anymore..She felt so guilty..But her bf had warned her for not doing that..he wanted she just stayed and be with him..but how??..She was so confuse what is the right thing that she should do?..The girl is really love him..but she dun know and not so sure about their future...Sometimes she just think want to runaway and leave everything just like that..Hurm...

to be continue...what should i write for the next episode??wait till i have the idea ok...

Thursday, October 14, 2010


arghhhh..suddenly all the ideas to write here was lost???OMG!!where it had been gone...oopss before i forgot i already buy a new beg, actually a sling beg..finally i made up my mind to buy a new one..i thinks it's time to let it go the old one..even there were so much memory with that..i think i should throw it it's the rite time for me to wear a new one and to forget the past..erkk??what actually i talking it it's all about the beg??or more than that...even it's hard for me to let it go..but i have too...i have to change it..what ever happen in future it's all one can expect what will happen as a human being we have to change..change for a better life..We, humans, are making mistakes. Accept what we did wrong and try to do better next time. No need to punish yourself forever. In fact, accepting our mistakes is the only way to make them disappear...Maybe you got hurt by somebody. Happens. Just accept it and deal with it. People are making mistakes and if you can accept that for yourself, accept it for your friends too. In the end, all you need from them is their is so hard rite..there were so much things to face it...(sigh)

it's happen to anybody called "she"...
one day..her bf was planning to bring her gf to go out went for a shopping with his mother..But suddenly his mum's car was broke what to do..Then his bf ask her to go to his house and met his was her 1st time met his mother face to face...she so nervous...Along the way to go to her bf house, she kept thinkin' what should she said...hurm..finally they met..then they were chatting about everything..bla bla bla bla...his mother dun want her to go back home early..but she have to..she had something else to do..besides there were so many things played in her head after met her mother bf...urghhhh..she felt so guilty..but why??why should she felt like it she just knoe that she actually not so serious about their relationship..or maybe she felt uneasy..or maybe she was not ready for being in that,what should she do??should she just leave the relationship or what??

fishing or finishing

hurm..finally i have time to update my little diary..even just a few minutes..i think it's enough rather than nothing..lately most of my free times were being busy hanging out wif my cousin or join my brother goin' to fishing..i went for a fishing somewhere in Semenyih,Selangor..Let's have some pictures of that moments ok..Because i don't have enough time to explain more..let u all readers make a conclusion from the pictures..

before fishing have to prepare the "umpan"

the tools



next day different place

having a moment


on the way back finally the car was broken (sigh)..

fix it..done..

P/S:where's the fish?????????????????let it be mystery...whaaahahaha

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I Need U

I know its not your fault, but I’m? a locked door
Anytime I’m a mess by someone before
And I wish that I, I could find a key
To unlock all the things that you want us to be
Let me open up and start again,
But there’s a safe around my heart
I don’t know how to let you in,
And that’s what keeps us apart
And that’s why I need time.
I said I need you,
I need you to understand, you, you, you
I need you to understand, you, you, you

Call up the locksmith,
Tell him we need him quick
We’ve got a million keys,?
None of them seem to fit
While your on the phone,
Call up the clocksmith,
Cuz I could use some time,
Even the slightest bit

Let me open up and start again,
And break this safe around my heart
I don’t know how to let you in,
And that’s what keeps us apart
And that’s why I need time
I said I need you
I need you to understand, you, you, you
I need you to understand, you, you, you

I’m thinking now’s? the time,
Maybe its time to go, if I gave you my heart, be gentle,
I’m tired of laying low, lets give the world a show
And when you know, you know,
And when you know, you know, you know
And when you know, you know, you know, you know
And that’s why I need time

I said I need you,
I need you to understand, you, you, you (x2)
I need you to understand (x4)
I need you (x3)
I need you, you, you