Tuesday, July 27, 2010

not supposed to b

8.15 am just arrived at office...hurm..what a day..
oopss..got free breakfast from the boss "mee hailam"..wahhh
Got "jamuan makan2" at my office..so many foods..hehe..and it was my 1st making "kek batik"...nasib la sape yg  mkn..

LAst friday nite..
i went to my cousin's house at dato' keramat..at slept at her house..
Then on Saturday wen to a trip to Felda Trolak..besh..but let me update the picture later...

---keep waiting k----

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

..coming back..

today is tuesday..huaaaa i have to start to go to work back..OMG!!after  a long holiday..is it? it's just 4 days right including weekends..but it's ok..as long as i can go back to my hometown..what a wonderful moments.. on last Thursday i take a bus from Bkt. Jalil to go to Malacca...it is because i have to go back home with my sister in Malacca..So no choice...Then on Friday we left Malacca at 1 p.m at arrive safely at my home at 10 p.m...so happy to see my mom n dad...Damn Missed them..huhu...Got a big hug and kiss from mama..Besh..

i just have one day to spend my time at home because on Sunday i have to come back to KL..huhu..
Actually i want to write more but...the idea was not here..can i just leave it like this..let me have the rest of it on my own...

TINg ToNg!!

Friday, July 9, 2010


should i tell or not?OMG!!!..help me...but how?how am i supposed to tell the truth..i'm so confused right now..if i can i want to let it go all of it..neither to choose.. can i just leave it like that without any answer..ofcourse i want it..but how?yes i do care about u..but how about others feeling..can i just ignore it...no..i can't...Please give me the sign..what should i do...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


what  should i update for today's entry?..hurm..Firstly about my last weekend..My brother's family and i were went to The Mines...Wonderful place..i'm so like it..and besides i'm so amuse with "telatah" my nephew which is Mr. Harith..but now could not upload his picture yet..because still in my brother's laptop..currently i was in the office...But i still have my picture to upload..ngeee...

..At The Mines..

this balloon was actually belong to Mr. Harith..

cont..this is my Mr. Harith

i left early drive alone to the office..this is because my beloved sister "xbpe sht:..so dat means this is my first time drive alone to the office..a little bit nervous..but finally i could make it..Alhamdulillah...

and why this entry entitled with Mysterious??hehe..nothing just remind of "Cayunk" statement that me is a mystery person??hurm maybe?or just some part of me could be mystery..but it's ok..whether it's true or not..i prefer for being low profile.. :p

Friday, July 2, 2010

Yeay..it's friday!!

The Soulful
Morning smile
Is a treasure
Of the mind
And heart alike.

Yeay finally today it's friday..cannot wait for the weekends...because i want to have my own times..so i do not have to think about works anymore..now still 8.26a.m...there's more 9 hours to go to be in the office..ngeee..erm..miss my hometown already..mama,abah,alif..huhu..cannot wait to go home...

....after lunch...
Just now i had lunch with "nasi ayam"..then..burpp...Alhamdulillah..kenyang...
..now.3.30 p.m i'm so damn sleepy..OMG!!..wat should i do?just finished design the PUSMAL website..still don't have mood to update my logbook for today entry...
will b goin' out as usual..yahoo..

Thursday, July 1, 2010


the weird person which have been talked by the staff before this has coming back to the office..Mr.S..hurm..but honestly for me he's not like the person who are they are mention before..i mean they said he's a weird person..i'm so suprised that he could talk to me and share some of his experienced..nice person..could smile, talk nicely and humble..it's ok maybe its too early for me to judged him..so just wait and see..

the new person in my fb..hurm..actually just approve..he's actually my old friends from the secondary school..then he starts chatting with me..then after a while he asked me for going out someday or maybe this weekend..but don't know why deep down in my heart felt something not good about him..at first i just thought that he maybe just want to meet me as my old friends..but suddenly he called me with "syg"..arghhh...i don't like this..but i just ignored it and assume he just kidding me and not so serious..hopefully..and  i just wait for my best friends come to KL then i'll decide weather want to meet him or not..and if that happen meaning i'll go with my bff, not alone...by the way he's so weird...

evening session...balcony dialog..
quote of the day..
he:"eh, staff baru ke?"
they:"xla practical tu.."