Monday, February 22, 2010


Who are you jerk??Why u were so cared about other people..If they want to delete their account, offline or whatever they want..That’s their own privacy..Who r u to complaint it??F****r!!!!!!!!!!!!!!argghhh I really hate dis kind of person..Did u have something else to do besides do care about others..???or mayb u have a mental problem then maybe I should compromised it..haha..But I don’t think so...Maybe ur PSYCHO…by the way I’m so sorry for u…I hope you will be ok soon...

Friday, February 19, 2010


..i dun know why there's still has a desperate person in this world..desperate to b love by sumone..Damn!!please find ur love with someone else..dun simply fooled ur self by taking advantage on making that just proved it that ur very DESPERATE or the right word was LOSER..arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....please go away...find ur love by our own....for that person go to HELL!!..

Thursday, February 18, 2010

..arghh bullshit..

..why so sudden there was sumone who interfere my life..who are you???? SHIT!!!! please dun bother others business...Damn!!!Can u leave me alone please.........................!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


..lets watch dis video by disagree..
..title song: Scarecrow Adams..i really like it..


..Oh it this is a sign for me...i'm so disapointed..sad..mad..but God please giv me strength to face it..please..i really need it..i tried to forget and forgive..i really want to do it...why all this happen to me..why???????????????..but I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that i can learn to let go, things go wrong so that i appreciate them when their right, i believe lies so i eventually learn to trust no one but myself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together...

Dear Heart:
please be strong..i know you can..
don't let ur emotion control ur mind..
i know it's hurt..really hurt..but if you can face it..then you can be more strong in future...
let's just forget and forgive..then you can feel better..
let the time heals it...and one day u can smile likes nothing happened..

Dear Tears:
please stop weeping..
even it's hard but please stop falling..

Tuesday, February 16, 2010



Tears please stop falling down..
Cause I have something else to bring it on..
Don’t pull it off the dawn..
I want to see it on my own..

Please tears leave me alone..
Let me have a great moment..
Even I don’t deserved it..
But let me have it..
i dun know why i write this poem..all i know is now, I'm so miserable.

Monday, February 15, 2010 my old fwen.. at 11a.m..i was hangout with my old friend..Since 5 years maybe we never see each other..he came to my college and pick me up for going many changes..but i'm happy because it's such a small reunion..Actually he was of my friends since secondary school besides we were lived in the same hometown..hurm..actually when we at the secondary school we were not so closed but still friends rite??..i was so shocked when he suddenly called me last week and told me that he was in Kuching too..So, he just take this chances for meeting me..Thanks for him for the lunch..So many stories i heard from him about my others friend..we spent about 3 hours together then he sent me back to my college..This week maybe his last time being in Sarawak and after this he will posting to Subang,KL..So maybe after this we can meet up again at KL.. :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

..happy lonely day..

14 February...So lonely..i missed my hometown..
2nd day of my midterm holiday..Slept at up at 9.a.m..hurm the first thing i do when i woke up was turn on my laptop..playing the song in my playlist..i tried to connect to the wireless..then started online..after that saw the latest update in my facebook..then checked my email..hurm around 1 p.m go to the bathroom and washed my clothes..-then continue with online again..arghhh...DAMN BORED!!..i'm so worried about my FYP there was no progress..OMG!!..please GOD..give me some guidance to do that..hurm..i dun know why i kept thinking about this thing...How should i faced the truth..??Please let this feeling go far away from me...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

..Facebook outing..

Last nite at 11.25pm Leah called me..then she said:"hurry2 the guys are waiting for us to go to McD..Me:"What???"..i thought it's not going to happen..haha..get dressup in juz 10 minutes..what's a super extreme for me to dress up in that time..but i continue to make up at the stairs while waiting for the guys to pick us up..then we're "lepakking wif them till"huahua..dun know how n since when we're closed with all the guys..

..Steamboat at D11,Kuching..

..12 February..having a good times wif some friends at D11..all i can do till i'm really full..let's see some pictures of us..

..time to grilled and boiled all da stuff..

..huaa..what a messy table.. and lea were so happy having the steamboat..

..having a great time together.. as much as i could.. yummy and juicy..

..face full of food..haha

..VIP foto shoot..

VIP fotoshoot on 9th february for MULTIMEDIA courses..

..2 jam outing..

..haha 2 jam??..

the word 2 jam was so allergic for me..why???because after that u can felt the vibration and see the bubble talk among 3 friends..then 2 minutes after that..wink the 3 friends were invisible to somewhere..and at the end the 2 hours will dragging into half day..and then continuously happen for the next day...what???what ur guys actually doing..just hangout..have some laughing together like no ones else in the world except us..and because of that i dun have time to update my sad..but what to long as i'm happy..i dun mind..lets spent a few seconds to see our's randomly take it..because there were so much picture,but i dun really remembered which one first..haha..

..this picture was taken around Jln Song or otw to wisma seberkas..but i can't remember where we're going..but the funny thing while in the traffic jem was a sign board stated "kurangkan LAJUn" stupid right??it's supposed to be laju not lajun..but mayb it was one of the vandalisme cases..haha..but it was so funny... the spring food court..the reason for going out dat day because we're wearing smart to go to to make it worth after class we're going out..PALOI!!in Kayan slang said..

..Another 2 hours..
..going to mcd having a set of beef prosperity..

..huhu my forehead still obvious with da "lebam" because of that takes two weeks i think to make it look as usual..

..waaa i liked curly fries so much..

..having a cup of tea..

..yayunk was having her tom yam..

..sometimes we couldn't expect what happened next..haha..then because of that reason i have to be as a mechanic to hit da car's battery..(i dun know if my english is right or wrong about the name.).but i juz name it as i want it to be..wakaka..

"Lepakking" at after 3..and we're having a banana split..

..Next destination.."sambal cafe"..

..i got my order..hehe

let's continue the next journey...zzzzzzzz

Friday, February 12, 2010

..a walk to remember..

..fuhh so much things happen to me lately..hurm dun know how to start..n dun know how to end..because it's hard for me to sort it better i juz put some snap..and then bla bla bla...hehe

..start wif barbeque at Ranchan,Serian..At 7.00am suddenly my phone ringing..i got one msg from lea..MARI..what????i'm so shocked..hua i'm still on my bed..while they were ready to go to Rachan..i over slept..oh NO..then i asked them to wait for a while..huhu..sorry guys because u have to wait for me..Actually i didn't plan to "mandi"..but the things happened was opposite..haha me the first person wif lea n nolee were in the water..damn COLD!!..but i'm so happy....

then aroud 8.oo am we started our was a rainy day..and a beautiful morning..

..yeah..finally we're here..RACHAN..

..the waterfall so damn beautiful..

..mandi time..

..bbq time..hehe juicy n tasty.. to go..sayonara..