Wednesday, June 30, 2010



Is it it’s too much with that word???for me nope..yesterday usual, I’ll drive to the office. then suddenly at one traffic light there’s one car belong to the BITCH was bumped my car…arghh damn it..she’s the one who at the wrong way but she’s the one who said stupid to me…nie da lebey!!..then I open my seat belt and thought want to go out and did something…hurm,but my sister in law said just reversed and  me:“mengalah”..huhu..i’m so x puas hati..if I could I wanted  to  slap her face too..but when I think back she’s only a bitch..So, I  don’t need to waste my time just to think about that person..but I’ll always remember your plate number be careful BITCH..

There’s something happen too..but better not to exposed it’s just between my sister in law and me who knows about the tragedy…

p/s:akak please keep it the secret ok..hehe..luv u..if not u better kill me..hehe

For me:

Don’t ever2 do like that again..don’t let the same mistakes happen..ngeee…


Today I’m so so many things to change with the links..but the worse thing is I have to do the same things too many times…arghh..It’s not my mistakes “lah”


Dating with yayunk..hehe..thanx nolee for coming and had lunch together at A&W..i miss u so happy to see u again..and that guy with his “bisnes kain”..haha..i hope we can “ronggeng” again this weekend..

Friday, June 25, 2010

I Never Told You

I miss those blue eyes
How you kiss me at night
I miss the way we sleep

Like there's no sunrise
Like the taste of your smile
I miss the way we breathe

But I never told you
What I should have said
No, I never told you
I just held it in

And now,
I miss everything about you
Can't believe that I still want you
And after all the things we've been through
I miss everything about you
Without you

I see your blue eyes
Everytime I close mine
You make it hard to see
Where I belong to
When I'm not around you

Dear Heart:
I love this song so much...
it's remind me about...

..Scandal.. i really damn bored in da office..then as usual i on my fb..then bla..bla..bla..after that i was chatting with my bez fwen since my kindergarten..hehe..then she said,actually she want asked me something..but she afraid that i might be "terasa" or something...then i said..go ahead it's ok..just asked..then she suddenly changed the topic..arghh..i'm not satisfied..lastly, dia mengalah gak..then she asked me:tol ke dulu ko ada pape ngan ........??..then me said:haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..wat???where the story came from??so weird...or weirder..wat else..aku ape ag rs nk gelak guling2 jerk..lucky i was in da office..if not i might be dying just because of laughing..haha..then she said:please tell me the said:bg pihak aku la,mmg xde pape pun, we just friends..yup, maybe we had shared something from the past but we just a closed friends...besides he already married for you my friends my answer is ...i really don't  have any  scandal with him ok...but i don't know how n why the story like that came up..but you really make my day...

..just friends..

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

FaLL again??

hurm..a tiring week..cannot wait for the weekend..because i'm so stressed being at the office..if i could i just want to be at home..ngee..can i??..yesterday it's very stressful it obvious dat i'm so stressed?..then someone asked "knape nie?........"..hurm..then i have no mood to answer ur question..but..there's something different..arghh..what's wrong with the that  tone??..can u asked me in a normal way..i mean, please don't be so caring...because i don't want to fall again...arghh...go away..leave me alone..please...i know maybe the person didn't mean it..but i really cared...

Dear Heart:
Please don't fall again..
if not u will be hurt..
Just ignored it..
And be happy..

Monday, June 21, 2010

ofcourse..i love you..

yes i do..i do love you with all my one can beat you..just u in my heart..i could not imagine this world without you..i want you to know that i don't want to lose you for ever and ever.."happy Father's Day"..Abah....

Yesterday was a i was going out for window shopping at Midvalley..and time to watch a movie..yeay...but damn tired..after the whole day i have to walk and stand up..but it's ok as long as i'm happy..thanx to the person who always make me happy..ngeee..

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


hurm..i hate dis morning..why??it's because pepg ag there's one car yg wt darah ak mnyirap bandung..y u supposed to horn sumone car's who was stopped by the junction just to make sure the  road is clear before i turned to the left..are u blind??or NUT???arghhh..and guess who the driver??ofcourse la "minah" yg drive..but i'm so satisfied when i can revenged back to it i'm too cruel??..while suddenly she stopped kt tepi jln yg xsepatutnye..then i horned her back ..(devil face)..wakaka..for sure minah tu bengang gle..watever..fullstop for the story..
now..this office is damn cold..dislike..and since yesterday kpale n mata belah kanan asik sakit and headache..arghh tension..i thought this headache had stopped since i'm came back from my hometown..huhu..when it's happen it's so hard for me to concentrate doin' my works besides i have to face it with the computer screen for the whole day..OMG...please stop this headache...

woops..who the hell is that??just now when i accidentally view the  recent call list at my phone..i see one miss called..last nite??how come skang br ak pasan..haha..LOSER..but again..who the hell is that???wondering....

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

i know it's hard..

it's hard but it's true!!...
but still....
just sitting here and think about that...
one message receive...
---no answer---
it could be no one there or no need to answer it...
the heart keep beating so fast...wondering what's gonna happen next...
arghhh DamN iT!!...
i have my right to be like this... r u crazy??
yeah..for sure nope...


Monday, June 14, 2010


it's monday already..huhu..i feel so damn lazy to go to work today..what should i do today??hurmm...arghhh cpt la abis practical nie..huhu..last weekend, having a great time wif my sister in law,nephew and my aunts family at TAsik Permaisuri..Thank God finally i can worried about my weight..then yesterday, i follow my sister in law to attend her friends wedding at Batu Caves..then after that we were went to Templer Park..and finally i found my long pants at mid after this i dun need to wear baju kurung for the whole weeks to go to the office...

Friday, June 11, 2010

it's FRIDAY!!

yeay finally today is happy because tomorrow is Saturday and it's weekend babe..Holiday!!..
so dat's mean for this whole week i was damn suffer..haha..suffer of without doin' nothing...
so today's usual wake up at early morning..and drive to lucky today,because the traffic was quiet clear..this morning I've stopped by at law's faculty cafe..and buy some "kuih" as my breakfast..then clock in at 8.02 am..hurm..yesterday Mdm. Huzi said she will start giving me the assessment today..OMG..i'm quiet nervous.. b continue............

..After Lunch..

Having "Nasi Beringin" as my lunch..thanx akak..hehe..Damn Full..Actually this morning, kak Huzi already give me the task..huhu..i have to design a web site and meet the user..OMG!!..can i??..

Thursday, June 10, 2010

day 4..

today is thursday,,now it's already 12,42 pm..some of the staff are started going out for the lunch..but i'm still in the office..without going anywhere..hurm it;s because i'm fasting that's why i'm not going out to have lunch..this morning i've attended the Training CCM Edi 2.0..Actually i have to meet the user and guide them on how to bulid a today was my first time,so i only listened the briefing..maybe on 24 june i have to help them to build the system..hopefully evertything's gonna be ok..

Dear Heart:
What should i do about that person??
Should i give a chance??or just forget it...huhu..

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

.:Day 3:.

Mornink world...
As usual wake up at 6.30 a.m..go to bath,pray..having Milo and butter bread as my breakfast...
Then go to car park,first of all, i have to push the car behind my that i can reversed..OMG!!it's really tiring..but at the same time i can exercise too..wakaka.."bina otot lengan"  without going to the gym..ngeee...and then drive to UM at 7.30 am..around 7.55 a.m i already in UM..fuhh...clock in at 8.00 i forgot to bring my hand phone..OMG!!can i survive without my hand phone till 6p.m..but what to do..i have's ok i still can use yahoo messenger to chat..hehe..this morning, the door of my office still locked even it's already 8.15 i have to wait for a while...then after that one of the senior staff came and thank GOD he has the door key..Just switch on the lamp and aircond..then after that ofcourse the pc..hehe..Today i still dun know what the assessment for me to do..still waiting..when i asked the staff,what should i do today?he said:dun know yet..just wait...what???is it my practical will going like this till the end of semester...

..Still Waiting...

..end up for the waiting..
around 11a.m one of the staff come and ask me to help him to edit a portal..still boring just a small task..which is more like to copy and paste the coding..after 15 minutes all are settled..huh..then as usuall i continue online..hurm..around 1 p.m have a lunch with my sister in law..then around 2.10 p.m back to the office..finally i can meet my supervisor here Mdm. Huzienetta..she wants me call her "kak Huzi"..for my first impression she was a nice and friendly person..a little bit introductory session between us..and she give me some briefing on what i'm go i'm to do next..quite nervous and excited tomorrow i'll will start doing my task for my industrial trainning..

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

..Second Day..

Come to the office as usual...clock in before 8.30 a.m..
Finally i have some works to do...tu pun just copy paste coding jerk..nothing much..Booooringgggg again..maybe because my supervisor still on leave so the other staff didn't know what assesment that i shoul's ok..take ur time..hehe..the worsed thing is i have to wear baju kurung and high heel for the whole i have to cpt2 bli sua keje..


7 first time drive in scary..but thanx to my sister in law for give me the moral support to drive..wakaka..and today i have to register as a practical student in Portal and Creative Web Unit at University Malaya..

First Day..
So boring...there's nothing much i have to do..just viewing and browsing..nagntuk tahap dewa in office..other staffs in this unit were so kind..but xtau la sok lusa cmne :P just hope for the best...

Morning drive..
everthing going smoothly..even jammed it's not so heavy...

After 5.3Op.m..DamN Jammed..what???
is it true,that i have to drive in this situation..OMG??it's killing me babe..da la ujan..i wishes i have an auto car right i dun't have to press the cluthed for the whole time..lenguh wey kaki..but thank God my sister and i reached at home safely..i cannot imagine how can i trough all this thing for the next 6 month coming up...huhu


it was my semester break before i started my practical on 7 June..i juz have 9 days left at home..then i must come back to KL...huhu..but before that on 4 june i have to go to malacca to pick my laptop at my sister house..and on 5 june drive to KL..nothing much i can do in 9 days..just spent all the times with my parents..and sempat jgk lepakking with my best friends Aida and Maiza d Pantai Air tawar..thanx Cayunk..but so sad we forgot to snap some pictures of us..huhu..


i'm coming...
sorry i didn't update my blog lately..because there are many things i have to settle after the fyp exhibition..then i have to packing all my stuff to my hometown..fuhhh..damn tired..then after that i have to settle with my thesis..and now, Alhamdulillah all are successfully done..It's really a tiring weak..Thank God...

20 May..
Fly to KL..and mayb it was my last from kuching to KL...i'm so finally i'm back..damn missed my family..Arrived at KL aroun 7.30 brother has waiting for me at happy when my harith call me "chu" when i get in to the cute..finally he can call me.."chu" actually is reffer to my title cik su..hehe..After that we had dinner hungry... Mr. Harith..hehe

21 - 24 may..
Around 9 a.m i went to Station Bus Bkt. Jalil to take a bus to go to Malacca..I went to Malacca for visitting my niece nur qaisara qistina batrisyia...huhu..this was first time to met her after she born 15 March ago..i spent a few days in Malacca with my happy when i can kissed and hug my niece..she's so cute..and she love to it really talk?? come a baby can talk..i dun know, but i just assumed she was talking...even i really want to stay for a long time with my sister, i have to came back to KL also..So on 24 i take a bus and go back to KL..i just use lrt from the bkt jalil to salak selatan..the nearest station from my brother's house..then i take a taxi..DAMN Tired...when get into the house..i switched on the laptop and online..then after a few second i got an offline msg from my friends lea..she asked about my semester result??WHAT!!!is it,the result has already released.....??OMG???aku br je smpai ni,penat pun xilang ag..bala ape plak nk datang ni...My heart beat it at the time was like a fast..then aku terus login into the e-student website for viewing my result..TUHAN je la tau perasaan aku masa tu..So nervous and scared..when i first login,the system popup wrong password..WTF!!..after 2 times, i realised it was because the capital letter..hehe..LOSER...then i try again..SUCCESSFUL..OMG!..i click the current result button..stated it true??i still not believed it..the i clicked pre-transcript make sure all my subject taken last sem were really passed...Alhamdulillah..its true that i passed all the subject..i so Damn Happy at the tu jugak terus call mama..then i was screaming "MAMA..MAMA>>MAMA"..and my mum voice so worried..and asked WHY??...result da kua..and i passed all the subject...Thanx mama for everything you have done for me...i hope this is the best i can do for you,and to make you happy..finally it's over..hehe..Thanks to all my friends for helping me while i'm in UNIMAS..thanx to all my lecturers too..and the most important thing thank to my family for all the support..i love you all so much...

25 May
Fly to Kota Bharu...finally i can met my mom's and dad..i missed happy to see u again...