Thursday, October 1, 2009

..trouble is a friend..

after 1 week holiday for hari raya puasa...i came back to unimas...hurmmm so heart is so empty n dying(maybe) sad for being here after the holiday..hope not to be here...on Tuesday i have to go to class as usuall..but actually i already skip da photography mood to go..besides my slides for the asian cinema presentation still not finished..huhu..OMG wat should i do...but Alhamdulillah Thank God i've done my presentation successfully..even there was sumone who wanted to conquer the presentation..yerla dia kan leader(me n lea keep sayin' dat for the whole day..wakaka)
wednesday..she's already came back to unimas..but dun know why..she's still like dat..wat mke..argghhhh damn...i hate dat face...why she kept doin' slh aku n lea...shit...please la...pls tell us wat happen...dun just be like dat...if u think u can survived with him..fine..but please be honest...sorry if both of us broke ur heart or sumthin'...but don't u ever thought about our feeling too???please la..were already know each other for 2 years or mayb not officially more than that..what ever it is..please b urself...really hope that one day she can say sumthing..atleast make us clear what was actually happent between us...i'm so tired to think about this..damn it!!!arghhhhh it's up to u la...ko pun da bsr kan!!...


Leah said...

quote of d day:
#1. dia kan leader...
#2. from my reading la...
#3. arrghhhh!!

redsQ said...

Ak der cd pirate
Lenka full track

suke.track.num.4 (
1)The Show
2)Bring me down
3)Don't let me fall
4)Anything im not
5)Knok knok
6)Dangerous and sweet
7)Trouble its a friend
8)Live like u're dying
9)Like a song
10)We will not grow
11)Dun let me fall