Thursday, October 14, 2010

fishing or finishing

hurm..finally i have time to update my little diary..even just a few minutes..i think it's enough rather than nothing..lately most of my free times were being busy hanging out wif my cousin or join my brother goin' to fishing..i went for a fishing somewhere in Semenyih,Selangor..Let's have some pictures of that moments ok..Because i don't have enough time to explain more..let u all readers make a conclusion from the pictures..

before fishing have to prepare the "umpan"

the tools



next day different place

having a moment


on the way back finally the car was broken (sigh)..

fix it..done..

P/S:where's the fish?????????????????let it be mystery...whaaahahaha

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saya ler said...

ahahhahaa...xdpt ikan la tu kalo pic ikan xde..kah3