Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Please don't ask me why..

First of all i'm so sorry coz i have to leave you..i have to let it go...Dear i love you so much..But i can't accept the fact that u have lied to's hurts me a lot...i want to have you but at the same time i don't want to be fool..i want to be the old me..i want to be free..and just do what i want to do..i don't want to bother with what others people saying..i just want to be me...i want to be happy...and i want you to be free too..
Day ?? it i'm strong enough to through all this are you?..please take care of yourself...even i do hurt because of you..but i don't want you to be sick..i promised to myself to be strong...Everything around were reminds me of you...oh God!..why it's so hard for leave everything just like's so hard to forget and forgive...But i guess i can  pretended that i already forgot it..Sometimes it's good to be hypocrites rather than hurting urself by thinking about him..

This song really makes me sad....but i have to through all this by myself...

Dear Heart:i know u really loves him..but let's the times heals you..

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