Friday, December 10, 2010

Yes I choose to be me not You..

OMG!i missed u so much..i really missed u..i miss to has been a while that i don't have any mood to update my blog..sorry readers...but now let me update what was happened to me since i'm not i'm still in KL looking for a job...arghh talking about finding a job really make me grow up and knew about the real world outside...but let me hold first the story..

A friend..
Since i was doing my industrial training she was being my "lover"...than we had dating for a few times in KL..hehe..sorry my dear coz for the late update..i hope you dont mind..otey + i'm laughing just because of that...u really make my day...even sometimes u was the one who "lipas" me..ahahaha..what was i'm talking about..hey it's up to me la..this is my blog rite..."percintaan"...what else? blueberry tart cheese, spaghetti,,or being an artist....adoiyaiiii..seriously missed u rite now...hey!please come back faster...then we had a cool vacation together..otey?+...hurm ..actually on 22 November 2010..i was dating with her at KLCC..actually we had dating before at another place..but we don't have any pictures as an we had all that...ahahahaha...seriously sengal...actually some of the picture was taken by "foreigner" it? long as we had a picture together...let's see the picture

-breakfast time-then after that we can continue our dating

the word "percintaan" was start here....

at playground.."berdekah-dekah"..and keep laughing 

KLCC la kunun..ahahaha

"a snail hug"arghhh..keep laughing..

waiting for the lrt and go back :(
for u my dear..i believe that u'll find the happiness better than what u had before...just wait and pray..."percintaannnnn" u more...don't noty2 if not i "lipas u"

Next episode " an interview"
Actually on 22 November when i was dating with miss FSH i had a call for an interview on the next day and the day after tomorrow..

1.Management Trainee (23 November 2010)
Interview at Wisma Central, was my first time actually being attend for an nervous and 12.00 pm i was went to the company with sumone who accompany me..thanx to that person..i was intervied by a manager named Mr. Raj..hurm..speaking..bla2...and he said in two days if i got the job,they will call me back..ok...fine...

2.Graphic Designer cum Web Designer at POLO travel...(24 November 2010)
The position needed by a travel company at jln i went there by a taxi because it's hard for me to park a car if i went by a i just take a taxi..hurm..the interview was ok..but maybe they want a person with an experience so ofcourse it's not me..than it's ok....i just try my luck and get a new's so great to have all that..hehehe..
since wait for all the feedback from those company i was at my brother's home finished my industrial training report..arghh damn!i had no idea to write the report..but i have to..i just try my best to finish it as best as i can..hhahaha..what else i can do rite??

Saturday (27 November 2010)
i was doing the report,then at 12 pm i got a phone call..and not from my contact number..that i just answered it...May i speak to Ms. haryati...yes speaking..."congratulation you had choose by the company to attend a training for the position bla bla bla..."please come on monday for the training...yeay i got the job...

At 9.45 am i was arrived at the company..then i saw a few people were filled up the form..after that i know that they were came for the training same goes to me...what??why they hired so many people..??hurm i'm so curious about that..but let it heart said just try first..then Mr. Raj the manager came and give a speech and briefing about our training..then bla bla..Everybody had one supervisor then we have to go out and came back at the office at 5.30 pm for the second interview...hah??what is going on actually??weird..but what to do, i already here and i have to continue my training..then my supervisor and me were went to Damansara..The Sv said when we reached there,i can see how they do their job...hurm...arghh actually what happened was we have to sold a Domino's voucher to the company in that area...WHAAATTTTTTTT?WTF??Bullshit!!!!!!!!!!is it it was being like a promoter or salesgirl...arghhhh Damn it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WTH!urghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...i'm so angry with myself..i felt like i'm being fool...stupid!..then believe me that was my last day for ever..ahaha..and i just go back home just like that...then the sv kept calling me,asking about me....Arghhh i just leave the's so scary ok!after that i be more careful in finding a job..ahahahahha..seriously it's really ruined my day.... but when i think back,its good for me to through all this thing so that i can be more independent in the future...if not i still didn't know about the real world..about many kinds of way on how people survived their own life............fuhhh..that's why we call it "a life"..

so that's why i choose to be me,not anyone else..everyone have their own ways on how to survive their life..and how to get their own happiness...but if you not being honest for yourself believe me you had nothing to hold except your own fool...


fsh said...

hye artisss...hahaha
i never tot tht u'll story about me..that 'percintaannn' word.haha
adoiyai. i just keep laughing when i read bout tht..

leb leb leb u.

cempakasilver said...

tott..ah ah ah..
for u ....
anything i'll do..

fsh said...