Friday, March 25, 2011

i hate for being my self

seriously, i hate for who i am now..feels like a loser..stupid,idiot...arghhhh..pplease.everyday when i entered to my office felt like i'm really a dumb person...i dun know how to settled up my job...i dun know how to do programming..oh SUCK...i really hate that person..felt like i'm being a hypocrite when i talked to her...shiTT..all are fake!..can i just closed my eyes and forget it...and when i open my eyes i already at the island...oh GOD please i'm sick of it..i'm so tired and tension...i really hated for being hypocrite...seriously i'm totally LOST!


psycho part 2..
On last sunday,when i was sleeping in my room..suddenly i got a phone call at 5.52.AM ok!then there's no name caming up just a phone number..i wondering that maybe there was my neighborhood wanted me to reverse my car since my car was blocking sumone's car..but when i answered the call , she just asked me who am i?what??u are the one who calling me, than u are asking me for who i am?...than i asked her why??she said did u know sumone named ____________..then i asked again..and wondering why..but then she suddenly cried an said "sy rs mcm dperbodohkan"...whatttttt??????yes i know him..but i think our story was ended 5 years ago...she said , she found her Bf simcard in his car stated my number with something refer to his "another gf"........F***Ker..i already told him i got nothing to with our relationship beside just as friend...then the girls kept asking me..bla bla bla...nonsense..and what just can i do is laughing...yup it's true because i really dun have any feelings anymore to's an old story between us..why he can't understand!!!!........arghhh...thanx for ruined my weekend...urghhhhhhhh.........


Leah said...

Wooh! Drama shiooot! I hate myself nowadays too--that makes two of us. It's ok, ur not alone =D

cempakasilver said...

jom MALDIVES!let's party buih..

Boysbe9 said...

haha..drama di pagi hari.
i don't hate myself, but i hate wat had happened to me. T_T