Wednesday, March 23, 2011

~A Bundle of Story~

oh blog seem so update,no colors..hurm..what a busy new episode...before that let me update my story in sequence....
1st on 25 of feb i officially quit from Amazon as a graphic designer...there were some pictures for my last my friends ask me to go to ICT shah Alam as a farewell party..then we enter the snow house...OMG so cold...i had played some games in the snow enjoyed, even we dun have so much time to spent..huhu..what to do because we already late when we arrived at the ICT..
-my space-

wif ms cz

with them at snow house..seriously so cold!

Then the next day i was went out to settle up my phone billing..but suddenly there were unknown person who just used my ic number to register a new account..arghhhh what a disaster..why must have the irresponsible person in the world! i have go to police station to make a police report to denied the case and to report it as a fraud case...So stressed!"for that unknown person, thanx for ruined my day!i believe that "Allah will be pay in cash to you someday for what have you done to me" huh!After settled up the report at the Maxis Center i went to Mid Valley with the 2 guys who are always "crazy".. :p

yeay i won the contest ;P

-me again-

Then on Sunday, i was followed my friend to Desa Water PArk...

Desa WaterPark is a family entertainment part that boasts of an exciting variety of water rides and slides. It also houses the longest Master Blaster in Asia the “Thunderbolt”. A place where you can enjoy the thrills and spills of the heart thumping adrenaline rush of the most fascinating water theme park . so join us and experience the fun.
Welcome to Desa Waterpark

from Google..

let's go bebeh...

so crowded..but i enjoyed the wave..

what a great day...

the rest i just let u all readers to make the conclusion..ngeeee
Monday:just have a rest at home before i start my new work tomorrow..arghhh so scary...then at the evening i went to my my sis in law office then go back to Shah my brother's house...

A new Day Has Come...
At 8.30am on 1st of mArch 2011 i registered my self at "Pusat Teknologi Maklumat, Universiti Malaya" as a new worker..Then i have to settled it down by myself because actually i had been here as a industrial Training Student..So, when i met the staff who had remembered me they were asking the same question "eh xabis praktikal lagi ke?bkn ari tu dah ke?"then i just smiled at them and explained...then they just laughed "patutla"...i'm not really nervous to the environment or the people here because some of them i already knew..but i'm nervous about my responsibility...OMG!let me do it with all the strength that i have...Then i was put in under Collaborative and Communicative Applications unit..
and the worse thing i have to do programming...hurm...everyday i felt want to go back home as soon as possible..i hope i can go through all this with a brave heart...But actually i'm so not satisfied with that u can expect me to know all this thing in 10 minutes without any explanation?i know u are very superb..but please don't be so stingy..urghhhhh!..DAmn it...enough talking about the person...i'm sick of it...After 2 weeks i had some problem with my mc also...i hope i can get well soon..and nothing worse will happened again...oopss even i already quit at my old company but sometimes in the weekend i'm still a part time graphic designer at the company...because the company still want me to help's ok,besides i'm happy to do that...urghh so much things i want to update but sorry guys...i dun have enough time so i just simply do a synopsis for my whole story and mixed up all in it ok?


Boysbe9 said... air pun control ayu.

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ahaha..mustila ada sbb mengapa sy bgini..kahkahkah..1st time kot mcm nie...insap!