Wednesday, April 29, 2009

..sumthing from the past..

that shirt while i want to keep in my closet?..suddenly remind me about sumone from the past..why???
is it so hard to forget and to accept the reality...i don't want to think..but it's seem so hard to me to let it it i'm so cruel to be with sumone else but at the same time still think about someone else...if i have all the power, i want to erase all the things that can remind me about him...
it's so unfair for me and him..i thought i can just let it go all da things from the past just like the wind...but i'm wrong..totally wrong...i just wished that i can back to the past and do not do the misstakes..but it's not going to happen..i mustto be face the truth..i'm so sick to be someone that not really's easy if we just say it and do the things that we are talking about...Damn..why i can't just let it go...please let me free....i hope one day i can put that moment into a bottle and throw it into the sea...then just let it go with the flow...i hope so..huhu

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