Sunday, December 13, 2009

..hardest Thing..

..i’m back…but dun know how to start and how to end..but at least all its over..being at home for this semester break really2 make me feel so full..full??full of what??foods..anger..emotion..memory..tears..and so on..hurm…after the final exam I went to Malacca for visiting my sister..but actually there was another reason why I was there..because of sumone..after 1 or 2 years for not seeing each other we finally met again..but when I saw him at that time what was my actually feeling??OMG??is it I’m too much…dun know what happen…but my heart said there was something not right for seeing him…what to do…all already happen…there’s nothing to regret..everything happen for the reason…..all are up to me as a human to think about it..even we walk together..we eat together..i dun think deep down in my heart i really enjoyed it..but i have to wait..until i came back to my hometown..if not,the things maybe will getting worse..i admit that i do like him..but i dun think i love him..being together for a couple it's really hard for us..may be the problem is me..not him..maybe i'm not for him..and he deserved the the better girl than me..then when we came back to our hometown,there were so much argument..what is wrong with you??why??OMG i cannot stand it..i dun even know how to deal with's really make me hurt..sad..and so confuse..what was I've done??then after that i've decided to end it..this is bullshit..damn friend??owh please don't..just end it everything here..just leave me alone..i know it's hard..but what should i do..if we still go on..we'll just hurting each other..i dun want it happen again..perhaps not anymore..not the same mistake..the truth is till now i do think about him..OMG..why it's so hard for me to just let it go..why i must think about him..i hope i will better in time..all i can do just prayed for his happiness..people said that if you really do love someone just let he free..if he come back..he's yours..and if not..just let it be..

..this is the picture taken when i was in malacca..but one thing about this picture was about the bag..the bag that i was wearing..huhu..till now when i look at the bag i always think about him..because the bag was bought while we were hangout together in malacca..all the memory were still can i just throw it..and deleted..til now..all i can do is..pray..pray..and pray......

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