Thursday, January 14, 2010

..ting ting ting Celebration..

Celebrating for what??Only 3 of us know what we celebrated for..haha..Celebrated the thing that we hadn’t expected happened...Shirley??depends??Infinity?? wakaka..He said : Congratulation again!!out of the blue..Leah and me juz look to each other..What???perlukah??Neway thanks to Mr. Syahrul for the compliments …hurm after the VIP class we called En.Usop to rent a car..As usual planning to rent the car for 5hours will be dragging to half day..And the result would be 4pm-4am..What??hehe cam xbiase..But tomorrow I had class at 8 a.m can I make it???mstla bley..Let’s see some of our snap shoot for that day..Actually that day can called the food marathon day too..kah kah…what long as we had a great moment together..

Lunch:Cheese Rice Bake

OMG!!So yummy..

.:our drink=Jasmine tea..the shaape of da glass so unique..

then we continue our food marathon to secret recipy

..Serving time..


..i got my cappucino cheese cake...

..our dessert for dat nite..

..From da window..

..stop for a while at Mcd..actually wat time is it??haha

Actually there was one another place that we went for the marathon food which is Ayam Penyet..but i dun have the picture..dun worry,actually i have the old picture at ayam it ok??bleyla...wakaka..let's layan the picture...

..the picture was taken by Lea..


Leah said... prasan ada post ni. congratulations....again! huahua

cempakasilver said...

..aish lambat tol la sampai..4taun br nk pasan..

mawar @};--- said...

cayunk.. beshnye p makan2 ye.. xpelah, org tu dah slim, dah boleh makan byk2.. hehe. cuti raya cina ni balik ke x?