Thursday, January 7, 2010 5..

day 5 in Unimas..
hurm..still boring...still insomnia..waaaaa..wat happen to me?giv my night back to me...10am go to VIP class..hehe actually Visual Image Processing Class by Mr.Syahrul..He was one of the cool lecturer of Multimedia course..haha..instead we still can have photography session before we end our class today..we were very enjoyed with this subject..this is because we can play around..haha...Bdk Multimedia mmg cmni...relax je..even other student were busy right now...hurm..what to do...we have our own style right??..11a.m HCI class..hurm a little bit boring..but ok la...then after i finished the class,there were raining outside...waaaaa so i have to go back to hostel by bus meaning that no tapau for berangan nk mkn ayam's i just had lunch ns with telur dadar..sedap gak...haha...that's all for now...

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