Saturday, March 27, 2010

..a gamble trip..

last nite my housemate said that she has a field trip at Kg Telaga Air,Matang..Kuching..then i dun know why, i'm so excited to follow her..haha..then..suddenly this morning i just joined my housemate groups to go to jetty kg telaga air..hurm...wake up in the early morning,and by 8 a.m. we were waiting for the rental car..haish..the owner of the KELISA auto was so demanding..arghhhh i hate her..da la janji kambing..haha..ade ke janji kambing..why??because we have to wait about 1 hour for the car..shitt..bley x ko ckp awal2..hurm..watever this is the 1st and the last for me to deal with that person..actually not me at the 1st place who was rented the car but my housemate friends..and today was my 1st time drive using the auto car..wakaka..nervous..but at last i can make it..sonok jgk..ngeeee..there were some pictures for my trip happy..because i have a great moment by sightseeing at Kg. Telaga Air..

~welcome to Tebing Sungai Kg. Telaga Air~


a cloudy day

..Jetty Kg. Telaga Air..

..wif my housemate.. frenz..

..we were having a good time..

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