Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Today..Suddenly someone asking me what if a relationship doesn’t have the blessing from the parents..which is doesn’t have family approval..i was so shocked..i couldn’t expect the question was came from that person...what should I answer to that it the person was so serious about the relationship??..and really want to end up..even though I already have the answer for the question, but deep down in my heart I’m still hope that one day it will change..for now the only thing I can do is just keep praying that I could have the blessing..Ya Allah…please help me to face it..but what if,I can’t have the blessing??can I move on and forget all the past??i know, I should prepared myself for any possibility.. Is it wrong to love someone who did not have our parents expectation..yeah..maybe our parents have their own reasons..ofcourse every parents wanted the best for their children..but sometimes it hurts a lot..i believe that they did for our own good..maybe it’s hurt for now, but in the future we will thankful to our parents..hopefully…OMG..why life is so hard and demanding??(sigh)..hurm..i try so hard and get so far..but I think is not worth it to have a relationship without an approval from the parent..whatever happen, family must be my first matter how hard for me to accept that..but I have too..
Dear Heart:
Just keep praying and hope for the blessing..
Just keep in mind that God knows what is the best for you..
Whatever happen it’s all faith..
Please don’t regret it..
You already try your best..

You want it.
You got it..
You lost it then..
You found it..
You shift and You flied for a hundred miles to get here..
Then You had it all..

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