Saturday, March 6, 2010


..wat a nite..
OMG!!sumone found an account wif my profile picture..but the name was different...
meaning dat...KANTOI...TIDAAKKKKKKKKKKKK..when "dat person" found out??and why must "dat person" using my picture as "dat person" account...uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....wat should i do..??just pretending that nothing happen..and juz wait for DA Day for "dat person" want to explode...what weapon should i prepare for da day???uwaaaa so it my fault??i thought i'll ready informed "dat person" dat i have the account..oh GOD please bless me..for now i think i just act as usuall..ngeeeee....watever..arghhh geram..all this happen because of dat psycho person....DAMN iT!!..

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