Tuesday, September 7, 2010

..PTM ,UM was on FIRE!!..

Suddenly at 9.15 a.m..the electricity in the office were cut off...then the computer were blinkin'..then a few minutes later the system are down..cannot access to the internet...Then i heard sumone said the server room had been fired...WHAT???then after a few second ..BOOMMMMM..sound like an exploded happened..So scary..then some of the staff PTM,UM yelling ..run..run...The server room had been exploded!!..OmG!..i just take my beg n run to the downstairs..and i saw there were other;s staffs who already gathered..It was so real..i never thought something like that happened to me..

..we have to wait outside the office..

gathered at emergency place
..wat is goin' on actually??..

The fireman is comin'..

..the fireman go to the server room..

this is the things which are exploded..

Actually today was my last day before went back to my hometown..then i take this chances to escaped..wakaka..because of the server is down then for sure we don't have to clock out..then no one knows that i already at home at 1 p.m..bye...........

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