Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Special Entry-Raya Edition

fuhh..being busy since 1 syawal...Sorry for the late updated of Eid Celebration...Where should i start actually..Hurm let's see..on the last day of Ramadhan my family and i were busy preparing foods for the 1 syawal..My mom's was busy with her "rendang and ketupat"..my auntie's and me were busy preparing "soto" for the main menu at 1st of Syawal..So tired but at the same time i was so happy to be with my family for preparing "Hari Raya Puasa"..

1st of Syawal..
Wake up early in the morning, then prepared for "solat sunat Aidilfitri"..As usually we were prayed at the mosque of our hometown..Then after solat we were forgiving between each other..What a peaceful moments..Then after that my family were went to my grandmother's house..

..Some of my family from my father's side..

..my dearest family..but my brother's family was not in the picture..huhu

..me wif "baju kurung modern..

2nd of Syawal..

Early in the morning, my family and i were visiting our grandfather's grave..Then after that we were went  to some relatives house..

..me was eating the "ketupat serunding"..there were others traditional food like "tapai"..

Then around 10.30 a.m. i went to my friend's house for primary school gathering..Actually this event were held every Eid's holiday..it was because usually at that time others friend were home..So, it's easy for us to meet again..
..makan time..

..me,uda,oliey,ros n yati..

..gurls only..

..Fwenz for eva..

..even we are now in different paths but we still a good friends..

..our happy face..

..Some of students 6 Fatimah 1998 batch..

..we were besties for eva..

 ..last but not least..

3rd of Syawal

Fuhh still in the RAya mood..today i will goin' to my friends wedding..and before that ofcourse i will goin' to my bff house first which is Ms. Mawar MAizza..So happy got to meet her again..then we have some pictures snap by her..

 ..cayunk, your tart was so "sedap"..

 ..she was my besties..


At normah's wedding..
..congratz dear..

..3 of us..
..we were 5 science colleague..

p/s:thanx to Ms. Mawar Maizza for the picture..

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