Tuesday, September 7, 2010

owh i can't wait anymore..

Yeay finally today is tuesday..meaning that my last day being at the office..Hurm actually last day before i going back to my hometown..ngee not my last day for industrial training..So automatically today i have 100% mood for not doin' my job..hahaha..owh please skipped the time till i reached at my hometown...Maybe  tomorrow on 3 a.m. my brother's family and i are departing from KL to Terengganu...Owh for sure the road was damn Jamm..Especially at the Karak highway..OMG..hopefully we can safely arrive at our hometown..mama, abah please wait for me..

..drive carefully..

Last nite..
She had a dream about sumone from the past..Why she kept dream about the same memories..why?is it it was a sign..or maybe she just worried about something so much then after that it kept comin' in her dreaming..Hopefully it's just a dream..She pray and wish nothin' bad gonna be happen..

Everything was perfect
nothing could go wrong
now I'm stuck somewhere
i feel i don't belong


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