Monday, February 21, 2011

.me 100 percent negative..

hurm wondering why my entry subject like that...ngeee...hurm today is as usuall my offt day was on today i've to settle up everything.. because last nite my was "bebeling" at me...bla.bala..bla..because i didn't to anything for my new job requirement..then, i  wake up at the early morning uaroung 9.30 am..prepared my self..around 11 i already at Maju Junction to go to Pesuruhanjaya Sumpah..hurm settle..have a lunch at my favourite restaurant which is UKHUWAH...after that i realised there is a clinic near the i just gamble and having my meddical check up...the costing was RM 105..i think it's everything was settled and my urine test was NEGATIVE..!hahaha..but i still don't write my resignation letter..OMG...!lalalalalal

p/s:this picture got nothing to do with this entry :P

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