Friday, February 18, 2011

.:two is better than one:.

Having a great time with my family during the Chinese New Year Holiday at my hometown...

Having a great moments at Pantai Bukit Keluang

My Dearest Siblings

So after five days we have to go back to KL..OTW to KL we stopped for a while at Pantai Penarik.

I wish i was there forever

Having a short photoshoot 

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------already in KL

Attended kak Nurul Engagement as a her photographer..actually a free lancer photographer... :P

with my office mate..
Part 2:With my dearest friends..they just came back from Sarawak...Love u Guys....

yup it's me




is it we a couple?

yup we are a couple of happy cousin..ngeee


mish u guys

Time to leave Shah Alam and go back to KL..and guess what it's not actually my car...hahahaha..but ofcource that's my dreams car.

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