Saturday, April 9, 2011

‎.don't ever say NO when you actually meant YES!

morning guys!
huh i can't believe it that i wake up early in the morning even today is weekend ok!
but it's ok..i can get the fresh air at early in the morning..since my two cousins still dreaming on the bed it gives me a chance to write something here in peacefull..doesn't meant they so noisy or what..just that it makes me feel no ones see that i can give 100% concentration to jot down something..why lately i'm so excited to make an entry for my blog??yup that's because of the miserable of me..which that i'm being so messy i needed some space to calm my self ..then i've calm my self here with write something that makes me forgot about what was happened to me i have my own opinion on 

how to deal with stress!

  • express my feelings by writing in the blog
  • listen to the music (only my own playlist song) everyone have their own favourit song rite?which sometimes the song have their own sentimental value..
  • JUST EAT WHAT YOU WANT!yup most people i knew choose to eat when they feel so stress..including me ok..but it's depends on  what type of stress do you it true?just ignore it if that got nothing to do with your case..
  • hang out with your friends...because when you hangout with your friends you can talk, share your problems and then laughing together..HAHAHAHA..err mayb not like that kind of laughing..up to you guys1..AS LONG AS YOU ARE NOT STRESSS..but please don't stress with my writing's ok!.. :)
  • Shopping!!!!YEAY..but how could you shopping if you dont have the money...arghhh that's what make i stressed the solution is just buy what can you afford...huh!
  • Driving...hurm but please don't drive in the traffic jamm ok!that just can give you a HELL!ahahaha
  • finally don't ever say YES when you actually means NO!..means that if you don't really understand what have people just say "may i beg your pardon?"or "can you explain again"...then you go for it after you really understand it...
  • .don't ever say NO when you actually meant YES! means that you actually want to marry sumone but because of certain issues you have to say NO!..then it kept hurting your's hard when talk about a serious .FULLSTOP.

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