Friday, April 8, 2011

.jump into crocodile mouth.

huh what a day!
just came back from the office...
today's morning...i had move to another room but still in the same department actually..
but now i have to handle another system..OMG!..i thought after this i was free from a tiger mouth but what happened was totally different actually i had the wrong mouth to i already in the crocodile mouth..a big mouth maybe...oh my goodness..but it's better rather than i have to face it wif sumone i don't like it at all..didn't meant i hate that person i just don't like the way "that person" act,like over's ok let's the time go with it..there's nothing to regret right?
owh let's me story about being a passenger or a co pilot of bus...actually a public transport..yeah i know there's no point which related to my story before..but let it be..i just want to share my experience to you my readers..
ok..when you have to be in the bus..which have so many peoples in it..and ofcourse you don't have another choice to use another bus..because that was the only bus which entered the area..and if you wait it's just wasting your time u just entered the choice..and me myself always be a sticker bus in that pick hours..are you wondering why that i'm saying be a sticker?that's mean i have to pull myself to be as thin as possible and be in the small space usually the space allocated near the window or the emergency door..then tadaa "i'm a sticker for the bus"..and sometimes i have to be the co pilot for the bus..eventhough the bus only has one driver..bbut i have too..because i have to sit(stand up actually" at the very front of the the ticket tadaa i'm the copilot of the bus..Fuhh so many challengers that i have to face using the public transport..but what to do i have too..rather than being stuck in the damn traffic jamm..oh's more like a disaster i guessed..

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