Thursday, April 7, 2011

From da window

Thursday morning..There were many things played in my head when I was in da bus just now..when I look at the window, there’s something kept playing in my head..i kept thinking until when I must be like this..hurm..Then suddenly something was interrupting my playlist, it was because a phone call coming in..feel so weird why he called me at the early morning..then when I asked him why? he said nothing..???Then he just end up the phone call..blurr..
Big Boss : have you finished your work..
Me : ermmmm (clueless)
Big Boss : Ok then if I asked u to take over this blalalalala..u must handle it..because I want u..blalalala
Me: Ermmm
Dear Heart : I’m sick of it.

Got a BUZZ from my ym......errrrr.........

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