Friday, February 12, 2010

..a walk to remember..

..fuhh so much things happen to me lately..hurm dun know how to start..n dun know how to end..because it's hard for me to sort it better i juz put some snap..and then bla bla bla...hehe

..start wif barbeque at Ranchan,Serian..At 7.00am suddenly my phone ringing..i got one msg from lea..MARI..what????i'm so shocked..hua i'm still on my bed..while they were ready to go to Rachan..i over slept..oh NO..then i asked them to wait for a while..huhu..sorry guys because u have to wait for me..Actually i didn't plan to "mandi"..but the things happened was opposite..haha me the first person wif lea n nolee were in the water..damn COLD!!..but i'm so happy....

then aroud 8.oo am we started our was a rainy day..and a beautiful morning..

..yeah..finally we're here..RACHAN..

..the waterfall so damn beautiful..

..mandi time..

..bbq time..hehe juicy n tasty.. to go..sayonara..

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