Friday, April 2, 2010

it's happen again..

It’s happen again..what??i mean was I lost my voice again..not because of I had shout at the concert or’s start from flu and cough..and suddenly after I had a lunch wif my fwen Causeway Bay,Pending..Kuching.. my voice getting worse..arghhhhhhhhhh..giv me back my voice pls..huhu..i thought I got tonsil again..haha..actually “aku da biase cmni”..even my mom’s already give a bundle of medicine or whatever vitamins to prevent the tonsil. .but I’m still ignored it..i’m sorry mama..but it doesn’t mean I just throw all da stuff,I still have's just i don't take it regularly..ngee..hopefully i would recover as soon as possible..
By the way yesterday, i'm so enjoyed with the lunch..thanx lea for a great foods...

Grilled Chicken Chop Hot Plate

wif black pepper sauce

Grilled Chicken Chop Hot Plate Set
+ mushroom soup
+ Ice Lemon Tea

Price: RM12.80
Taste: Awesome!!

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