Friday, July 2, 2010's friday!!

The Soulful
Morning smile
Is a treasure
Of the mind
And heart alike.

Yeay finally today it's friday..cannot wait for the weekends...because i want to have my own i do not have to think about works still 8.26a.m...there's more 9 hours to go to be in the office..ngeee..erm..miss my hometown already..mama,abah,alif..huhu..cannot wait to go home...

....after lunch...
Just now i had lunch with "nasi ayam"..then..burpp...Alhamdulillah..kenyang... p.m i'm so damn sleepy..OMG!!..wat should i do?just finished design the PUSMAL website..still don't have mood to update my logbook for today entry...
will b goin' out as

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