Tuesday, July 6, 2010


what  should i update for today's entry?..hurm..Firstly about my last weekend..My brother's family and i were went to The Mines...Wonderful place..i'm so like it..and besides i'm so amuse with "telatah" my nephew which is Mr. Harith..but now could not upload his picture yet..because still in my brother's laptop..currently i was in the office...But i still have my picture to upload..ngeee...

..At The Mines..

this balloon was actually belong to Mr. Harith..

cont..this is my Mr. Harith

i left early drive alone to the office..this is because my beloved sister "xbpe sht:..so dat means this is my first time drive alone to the office..a little bit nervous..but finally i could make it..Alhamdulillah...

and why this entry entitled with Mysterious??hehe..nothing just remind of "Cayunk" statement that me is a mystery person??hurm maybe?or just some part of me could be mystery..but it's ok..whether it's true or not..i prefer for being low profile.. :p