Thursday, July 1, 2010


the weird person which have been talked by the staff before this has coming back to the office..Mr.S..hurm..but honestly for me he's not like the person who are they are mention before..i mean they said he's a weird person..i'm so suprised that he could talk to me and share some of his experienced..nice person..could smile, talk nicely and's ok maybe its too early for me to judged just wait and see..

the new person in my fb..hurm..actually just approve..he's actually my old friends from the secondary school..then he starts chatting with me..then after a while he asked me for going out someday or maybe this weekend..but don't know why deep down in my heart felt something not good about first i just thought that he maybe just want to meet me as my old friends..but suddenly he called me with "syg"..arghhh...i don't like this..but i just ignored it and assume he just kidding me and not so serious..hopefully..and  i just wait for my best friends come to KL then i'll decide weather want to meet him or not..and if that happen meaning i'll go with my bff, not the way he's so weird...

evening session...balcony dialog..
quote of the day..
he:"eh, staff baru ke?"
they:"xla practical tu.."

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