Tuesday, July 20, 2010

..coming back..

today is tuesday..huaaaa i have to start to go to work back..OMG!!after  a long holiday..is it? it's just 4 days right including weekends..but it's ok..as long as i can go back to my hometown..what a wonderful moments.. on last Thursday i take a bus from Bkt. Jalil to go to Malacca...it is because i have to go back home with my sister in Malacca..So no choice...Then on Friday we left Malacca at 1 p.m at arrive safely at my home at 10 p.m...so happy to see my mom n dad...Damn Missed them..huhu...Got a big hug and kiss from mama..Besh..

i just have one day to spend my time at home because on Sunday i have to come back to KL..huhu..
Actually i want to write more but...the idea was not here..can i just leave it like this..let me have the rest of it on my own...

TINg ToNg!!

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