Tuesday, August 31, 2010

..Aseanna Cafe..

Last Sunday my family and i were went to Aseanna Cafe, KLCC for "buka puasa"..Actually this event was held for my sister in law office colleague..So i just been there too..We arrived at klcc at 6.45 p.m...then went to ground floor and looking for Aseanna Cafe..Actually this was my first time having meals at the restaurant..Besides it was a new restaurant in the KLCC..We take the buffet package..hurm the foods quite nice and delicious..the price??i think for the Ramadhan Package it was RM70 per person...After having a lot of foods, i was busy with my nephew..hehe..let's enjoy the pictures...

..Some of the menu list..

"Selamat Berbuka Puasa"

Busy with their own foods

..chatting time..got a lot of food..Such as "Nasi beriyani, ayam masak lemak, kuey teow goreng, sambal ikan bilis, sambal tumis udang, kari daging, etc."
Western foods and dessert: Lasagna rendang, Pizza rendang, cheese cake, chocolate cake, puding gula hangus, popia goreng, Strawberry chocolate, karipap, kuih lapis..etc.."
Drinks: Sirap Bandung, sirap, and tea..
Damn there were so many foods but not enough time to eat..hehe..

..having my foods..chocolate cake as my dessert..
my face already burn..arghh because of at that morning my cousin and i were went to Jln TAR to buy our baju raya..arghh so many people at Jln TAR..but so satisfied finally i got my "baju raya"..

..Time to play with mr. Harith..

OMG!!He got a new gf..hehe


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