Wednesday, August 11, 2010 day..

Alhamdulillah..yesterday was 10 was my birthday..OMG! it i'm getting old??...hurm...maybe  not old but getting more it??ngeee..true or not pls ask the people who are around me...

Got so many wishes from family and friends..thanx to all..May God bless u all too..

Dis year cannot celebrated as usual because now I'm in KL..for the past 3 years i celebrated my birthday with my best friends in Sarawak..Suddenly, miss my "sot" fwens so much..especially leah and nolee..ngeee..

But the different for this year was i celebrated my birthday with sumone.. :P but there was a story before we have a dinner together..Huh!!The person is always like that, make me angry than finally me was malu sendri..arghhh..he promised to meet me early but suddenly he was stuck up by something and coming late..."bengang jerk" automatically i have no mood to see him..then he picked me up..and i was still with my "moncong"..huhu..i just being quiet till we arrived at the Nando's..even when he make a joke i just give him a terrible face..i hate him!!..seriously!!see my face...true right?
see how my marah@..but he still snap my picture..grrr

Then because i just being quiet, he was ordered everything for me..try to persuade me..bla2..snap some picture..then finally aku tergelak jgk..hurm hampeh..but still with babbling shows that i'm very unsatisfied..then time passes and I forgot the matter..

..wif my sparkling apple..

see..i was forgot everything after i got my food..Damn!!

Before we went back,we "lepak2" at the bench outside the mall..borak2..then he sing the birthday song then ask  me to closed my eyes ..then tadaaaa...a present for me...then he explained again he was late because want to buy the present and stuck up of the jammed..jahat!!..dat mean all this time i just waste my energy of being so emo lah!!..arghhhhh tension..and he said "dia kan mmg suka wt aku marah"..Grrrrrrrrrrrr....buang karan jerk...but neway thanx f0r the present..really like it...ngeeee..wink2..@-@..the end..some of the picture snap by him when i got the present..with "muka yg berbunga2"...



mawar @};--- said...

waaah. dia sambut ngan sape tuh? mana gambo org yg amik gambr tu? nak tengokkkkk. hehe. HAPPY BITRHDAY again cayunk. Semoga bahagia selalu.

Lain kali jgn la moncong2 lagi. Tengok, sian dia sanggup susah payah g beli hadiah tu.

cempakasilver said...

ngeee..gmbr dia xtau la pun actually dia yg upload kt my fb last nite..n ofkos without my permission..cuak..ble lht pg sy suda alihkn gmbr2 itu ke cni..bkn stakat moncong tp pakej ngn airmata sbb geram sgt...bazir jerkn..
neway thanx for da wishes cayunk..luv u

KamiTheBlog© said...

hahaha.. beznye bg org marah.hahahhaa