Thursday, August 5, 2010

.a callin' nite..

why??hehe..why this entry entitled with a callin' nite...because it's just a nite that the 3 besties were met, sya, and ayu..Actually 3 of us were best friends since diploma..while we were in Multimedia College,Kl..Then after we graduated, 3 of us were apart because of further studies and work...but now after 3 years we met again..what a happy moments that i had..thanx guys for coming and pick me up for happy to see both of u..Below were some pictures of us at PappaRich Coffee House...Even it's just for 3's enough than nothing..rite??..

me, ayu, sya

..3 of us..

..a messy table..just ignore it..focus on us..haha

So, i hope we can meet again, maybe for "berbuka puasa"..n shopping for hari raya.....daaaaaaa

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