Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Entry

hi..Morning All!!
it has been a long time i didn't write for the friday entry..Maybe i'm so it?hahaha...What a day..Today is very peaceful with a raining day..What a beautiful day..i like it..So cold but so calm..As usual i like friday because it's the last day for every weekdays for me to go to work...Yeay!..then tomorrow would be Saturday! i can wake up late not at the early morning..Arghhhh..!..i hate it..!
There were so much thing happen to me for this week..but this time i just let it go and throw it away as far as i can..why should i be sad just for a small thing..i deserved to be happy..let others people with their own way..let it be..but for me, i just want to be my self..Everybody have been hurts but they also had been do i..i don't want to think much on it..Besides, me myself didn't know,is it it's to important for me to think of it?..Yeah..sumtimes we called it "KARMA"..what goes around comes around..what you give, you get back..So just let it to GOD to pay for it..i should be thankful on what i have now..
ok.then let's move to the next story..hurm finally, yesterday i got a part time's actually not really a big deal actually..ngeee..but i really like it..besides i'm so excited..Thanx for my friends,Mr Zhaffran for giving me a chanced..i really appreciated it..At least i got sumthing to do during my free times..if any jobs which i can do after this,please let me know..ok?

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