Wednesday, November 3, 2010

women's instincts

"I would rather trust a women's instinct than a man's reason" are the words of Stanley Baldwin. It is a recurring story of women's instinct gaining ground in comparison to men's decisions in the course of shaping up of events in any field whether it is family work or love. Education and exposure have further contributed to sharpen the womanly instinct aiding to portray her as an independent entity with a crystal clear perspective towards life with her womanly nature of patience, calmness and motherly instincts well preserved.

Womanly instinct in love
A woman normally follows her heart and a modern woman's instinct is a good blend of her heart and her head. Though reason has a major hand in her determining her life partner, it is her instinct that first sets her in the path of love. It has to strike her instinct for the person to be her special 'he'. The man has to woo her instinct rather than her in winning her heart. Today's woman's instinct is seldom prone to making errors in the choice of her partner. Her instinct helps her foresee as to how her life will shape up with a particular person. It is somewhere deep within her heart, an intuition or an instinct tells her what has to be decided. Reason spring up with the validity of facts but the absence of a positive signal from her instincts results in a less fulfilling relationship like that of a beautiful flower sans fragrance.

Womanly instinct in family
Women are naturally prone to nest building, home making and family life. They are genetically featured to care taking and protecting.

"Behind every man's success is a woman" is a popular saying. In fact it is the womanly instincts that pave way for a man's success. Women possess better emotional stability when compared to men. A man's reason coupled with a woman's instinct will help in accurate decision making at home. Her womanly instinct with her patience and forbearance, love and warmth sets the platform for a harmonious home. Her instinct plays a major role in her family life in decision-making from the choice of her kid's school to major decisions like investments and children's marriage. A school with novel features and facilities may not interest her as her motherly instinct will look out for a place that will be more comfortable for her child to grow and learn. Similarly her motherly instincts play a major role guiding her son or her daughter in the choice of their partners for a happy and harmonious life. Her instincts points out what features in a marriage proposal will provide her daughter a peaceful living.

Womanly instincts at work
Women are naturally endowed with the ability to nurture and care that they dominate in vocations like nursing, teaching, animal welfare and gynecology. It is the basic female instinct to protect and love that has paved way for women's perpetual presence in these fields.

A healthy relationship with employees or subordinates can boost up one's business. This is in fact one of the important leadership qualities of today. A good working environment breeds a good working culture and better results. Women' instincts enable them to be good leaders with their relationships developing skills as employees follow the person and not the rank. It is often a woman's patience and the readiness to listen to the problems faced by the employee that help procuring better results and promoting better work culture. An amiable and friendly atmosphere gives way for a better performance and productivity by developing good personal relationships in teamwork. Women's instincts are much recognized at modern work culture as they are asked to rely on their instincts and values to aid them for a promising performance.

Hence women's instincts work the best immaterial of where and how they are employed.

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