Monday, November 8, 2010

Someone From The PAst!!

Sudddenly,there was a msg from my ym...He???What??i thought i already deleted him long time ago from my ym list friends...but now...why he still can msg me??arggghhh!!!!!!Please go away!!!!!!!!!!Don’t u ever turn ur back at me again...we already end it all long time ago...please..let me go..u already have ur gf..what else do you want from me..bullshiT!!..why do you want to apologise..we don't have anything to apologies..Beside i already "deleted" u in my life..and now, u just came and say sorry then u said u want me to be with u again...just because u r not happy with ur gf..Then u want me back..WTF!!..Please appreciates on what u have now!..Please!..Please don't make my life so miserable..We already have our own path to live..So please live with it..Please don't regret on what already happened..What already passed between us..Please let it go..Because i just wanna live my life peacefully..and i'm happy on who I am now..i do not have a reason to get mad with you..because it's all already passed..for me it's all just like a piece of my memories..Which i've been through before and i have to let it go..the only things i can do now is just wish that u will change ur attitude and be someone who can appreciates on what they have..please do not hurts other's feeling..i’m sick for being pulling around..Please stop’s already ends..If people can change why not u?..Please change for ur own happiness...It’s too late to regret for what happened now...besides the decision is came from u..not me..u are the one who choose to be like that…Anyway thanks for giving me a chance to through all the pain..if not today I don’t think I can survived..yup. it hurts a lot..but now I can smile and move forward..That’s why we call it a life...Sometimes we are in love and happy..But there’s a time we are down and been hurts..if no ups and downs we are not balanced..rite?? better we try first then we can figure what we have to do next…by the way thanks for ruin my day… annoying!!..Damn it! I already got my own step so I hope you have ur own too...Please grow up don’t be so childish..Please end what u have start..There’s nothing u can get from me now..Times goes by so do i...Just pretend that we’ve never met and know each other before..just pretend that what was already happen just like a nightmare..When u woke up and opens ur eyes at the morning u realized the dreams already gone...U feels so relief because it’s just a dream...Then u can live ur life as usual...just walk ahead like nothing can stopped u from move on..

Dear Heart:Just ignore "him"..let it be..don't be burden by the small tough..ok?

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