Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Gamble Trip to Genting

 On LAst Saturday suddenly got a msg at 5.51 am from a friends..wait at lrt ****** we are goin' to Genting at 8.00 am..what???Then after that i go to the toilet for a bath..hurm..but still didn't ask the permission from my brother..urghhhh..it's already 6.30 am..but my bro still sleeping..hurm then i just prepared my self..ngeee..gamble..after that my brother woke up..but sadly he cannot give me the permission..so i have to call my mom..Thank GOD...luv u mama..YEAY!!..she gave me the permission to go to Genting..But don't have too muuch pictures at the Genting..all are in my friends camera..what to do..We are going with 7 friends..They are friends of my friends..hurm..let's move on to the pictures..

in front of First World

the ghost

in skyway cable car


wif mr sul n jep

 main entrance
the darkness

maybe i will upload the rest after i got the pictures from them..huhu..That's all fro now..

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