Friday, January 21, 2011

-gossip liar-

when sumone send a plastic beg of bread to me this evening at my working place..
my collegue guessed that it was by mr H..what???omg!!how they can think that we have a scandal..No..No..No...i admit that that guy always make joke with only assume him just like my brother..ngee..

Liar..not l..i..a..r...ok..but a liar...
arghhh..why should i think of it..and sick of it...just forget it..but seriously it's really hurting me...
not as worsed as i have to speak english + arab with the foreigner at my company today :p..i can write in jawi..but sorry i can't speak arab sir...ahahaha...

my bos kept talking about the proposal...arghhhhh..please i want to leave this company ASAP!!

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