Monday, January 24, 2011

I love The way you Lie

i'm totally lost...yup lost in everything i've hurt me twice..but who cares...?
i'm trying to foget..but it kept running to my head...tell me what do you see..yes i lost my mind..or maybe crossed the line..
this is not enough...arghhh..

another episode...
sizzling yee
you all really made my day...but thee truth is there's nothing special between us..
Yup..we're just friends...

Acustic Music Station..
Yes finally i found it...ngeeee...hurm..nothing much i can say..'s better for me just forget it...

Hurm..FYI...this weeks nobody can have a leave..WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


fsh said...
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fsh said...

y dear? hurm.dont be sad pls.
u hv a lot of frens to cheer u up.remember tht.
bout tht chocolate guy a.k.a jejaka coklat i think he likes u.bahahaha