Friday, January 14, 2011

my first love

yup i do love u..more than u ever had think abou it..ahahha..huh..what a tiring weeks that i ever had..a miserable ends of the year...besides i even didn't noticed it's already 2011..OMG!..what had i left before??now let me summarised all of it..
21/12/10 : had an interview as a graphic designer..yup i got the job
23/12/ 10:go back to my just take it as a my vacation with miss FSH..ahahah..
had a beautifull moment here "pantai bisikan bayu"

pose n pose again

is it i'm like a teacher..ngeee..guess where i am..

and her..ahahahah

having "air batu campur" here...this picture was taken by my "abah" please ignore any mistakes..

27/12/10:got to came back to bus ok..huh...what a day...the bus had some problem..arghhh annoying...
28/12/10:i had start my new life as a grahic it real??
Date?? forgot already..had a photoshoot session with ms FSH..hehe

all those pictures taken from KLCC :P..very the koya la kan...haish...all because we don't have enough time to go to other place for our photoshoot session..

wahhhhhhhhh today already january 14...
damn! i really miss my heart here...being as a graphic designer make me felt like a shit...@$##$%@#$!$..all those words kept coming from my mouth..WTF...arghhh..let it be...Please God let me end all this as soon as possible..i really can't handle it anymore....

and bla bla..
actually i want to upload the new year pictures of me and my friends...when talked about that..there was something new happened in my's actually a story from the past 3 years..but now we already open a new's all about a blonde girls..everythings was strat from her...hurmm..ok let me just leave it like this...and for you readers i promised that  i will upload of all of the updated pictures of mine...ahhh Damn i really missed my own space..SUMPAH i really needed..sorry if this updated are a little bit messy..what to do...juz wait ok...itu kaki kipas suda a job for me :P

ok here all pictures from new year nite..
Yes this is our first meet up..nice to know u babes

Yes we already here..

too many peoples...huh!

wif all the crazy guys...

fireworks for end of year 2010

enough for the fireworks move to other place :P

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