Monday, February 15, 2010 my old fwen.. at 11a.m..i was hangout with my old friend..Since 5 years maybe we never see each other..he came to my college and pick me up for going many changes..but i'm happy because it's such a small reunion..Actually he was of my friends since secondary school besides we were lived in the same hometown..hurm..actually when we at the secondary school we were not so closed but still friends rite??..i was so shocked when he suddenly called me last week and told me that he was in Kuching too..So, he just take this chances for meeting me..Thanks for him for the lunch..So many stories i heard from him about my others friend..we spent about 3 hours together then he sent me back to my college..This week maybe his last time being in Sarawak and after this he will posting to Subang,KL..So maybe after this we can meet up again at KL.. :)

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