Saturday, February 13, 2010

..2 jam outing..

..haha 2 jam??..

the word 2 jam was so allergic for me..why???because after that u can felt the vibration and see the bubble talk among 3 friends..then 2 minutes after that..wink the 3 friends were invisible to somewhere..and at the end the 2 hours will dragging into half day..and then continuously happen for the next day...what???what ur guys actually doing..just hangout..have some laughing together like no ones else in the world except us..and because of that i dun have time to update my sad..but what to long as i'm happy..i dun mind..lets spent a few seconds to see our's randomly take it..because there were so much picture,but i dun really remembered which one first..haha..

..this picture was taken around Jln Song or otw to wisma seberkas..but i can't remember where we're going..but the funny thing while in the traffic jem was a sign board stated "kurangkan LAJUn" stupid right??it's supposed to be laju not lajun..but mayb it was one of the vandalisme cases..haha..but it was so funny... the spring food court..the reason for going out dat day because we're wearing smart to go to to make it worth after class we're going out..PALOI!!in Kayan slang said..

..Another 2 hours..
..going to mcd having a set of beef prosperity..

..huhu my forehead still obvious with da "lebam" because of that takes two weeks i think to make it look as usual..

..waaa i liked curly fries so much..

..having a cup of tea..

..yayunk was having her tom yam..

..sometimes we couldn't expect what happened next..haha..then because of that reason i have to be as a mechanic to hit da car's battery..(i dun know if my english is right or wrong about the name.).but i juz name it as i want it to be..wakaka..

"Lepakking" at after 3..and we're having a banana split..

..Next destination.."sambal cafe"..

..i got my order..hehe

let's continue the next journey...zzzzzzzz

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