Sunday, February 14, 2010

..happy lonely day..

14 February...So lonely..i missed my hometown..
2nd day of my midterm holiday..Slept at up at 9.a.m..hurm the first thing i do when i woke up was turn on my laptop..playing the song in my playlist..i tried to connect to the wireless..then started online..after that saw the latest update in my facebook..then checked my email..hurm around 1 p.m go to the bathroom and washed my clothes..-then continue with online again..arghhh...DAMN BORED!!..i'm so worried about my FYP there was no progress..OMG!!..please GOD..give me some guidance to do that..hurm..i dun know why i kept thinking about this thing...How should i faced the truth..??Please let this feeling go far away from me...

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