Friday, April 23, 2010


I feel so down..depressed..frustrated..and the most is GUILTY..Yesterday I got one of my subject carry mark..Damn!!what am I doing??why the mark is so low..OMG!!what should I it I still have the chance to pass it??Oh GoD, please I really needed it..My mom kept calling me after I told her about the mark..then I cried..maybe she’s so worried..i’m so sorry mama…even I let u down..but u still have to comfort me..huhu…I felt so Guilty..i know it’s all my fault.. anyway thanx for always be there for me..MAMA..but the another thing is..why there is sumone who always be there(actually far away) for me when I’m down..what this is all mean? why must that person??and why not the other one..Why that person was always tried to comfort me when I stressed, frustrated or whatever..The weird thing is, the person always know when I need sumone to listen to me and to cheer me up..Why??

Dear Heart:
Please be strong!!
i really2 need ur spirit..
please don't let me down..

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