Thursday, April 29, 2010's over..

It’s over..yesterday, I’ve finished my last paper  which is Calculus Subject..DamN!!it’s so hard..uwaaaaa..i’m so worried now..why the question it’s so hard..i thought I can get a better grade for the subject, but after did the paper I don’t think I can get it..i just wish that I can passed the paper..Please me..i don’t want to make my parents sad anymore..i want them to be proud of me..that’s all I can do to giving back my parents..
Now, it’s time to concentrate on my Final Year Project which is 3D Café System..Can I finished it in time..this 4 may till 7 may would be my fyp presentation..but the database of the system still cannot working properly..aarghhhh and one more thing i have to format my laptop too because my laptop get infected by the DAMN VIRUS!!,even it's just 5 days to go to my fyp presentation's crazy right??but that's the truth..why it's so many obstacles happen to me…Ya Allah please help me to through all this moments…I just need a strength and patience to handle this..Can i??is it I deserved to have all this peace..21 days to go for me for flying back to KL..i really cannot wait to see all the person I love when I came’s been 5 months we are not seeing each other..MAMA, ABAHI missed u so much

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